(Origami) How to Make Pumpkin Origami

One famous traditional activity in Japan is making origami. You can turn a piece of paper into various things, such as plants or animals. This time, we’d like to show you how to make pumpkin origami! You can use a permanent marker to draw a face on it, turning it into a jack o’lantern. It’s the perfect origami for Halloween!


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You can see all the steps needed to make pumpkin origami in the video below. Please take a look!

How to Make Pumpkin Origami

1. Fold the paper into half.

2. Fold it into half again, forming a square.

3. Open up one of the squares to form a triangle.

4. Flip it over and do the same to the other square.

5. Fold both corners (long wise) so they meet at the middle.

6. Flip it over and fold the ends that are sticking out upwards.

7. Fold the bottom left and right ends to meet the center.

8. Fold the bottom left and right corners up until they hit the line.

9. Take the top corner and fold it down.

10. Take its tip and fold it upwards. Make sure a bit of it sticks out.

11. Turn it over and draw a face with a marker.

When Halloween comes along in Japan, costume parties are held throughout the entire country. Cities will bustle with crowds of people dressed up in various costumes. What is Halloween like in your country?

This origami is extremely easy to make, so please give it a try!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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