Only in Tokyo Disneyland! Top 10 Incredible Food Galore

When you are visiting Tokyo Disneyland, your dining experience can be just as exciting as any attractions. We selected 10 of the most incredible items which are both delicious and fun. Make sure to check them out on your next visit!


Food & Drinks

1. Tipo Torta

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When you are in the Fantasyland area, look out for the colorful Village Pastry Wagon.At the wagon the famous Tipo Torta, delightful puff pastry sticks with various flavors of cream filling are found. Caramel, chocolate, which flavor are you in the mood for today? Tipo Tortas are sold ¥360 a piece.

Where to find Tipo Torta: Village Pastry Wagon, Fantasyland, Tokyo Disneyland

2. Critter Sundae

The best seller at Rackety’s Raccoon Saloon is the Critter Sundae.  Enjoy the harmony of the crunchy cereal, the creamy soft serve ice cream and the strawberry topping, highlighted by the Mickey Churro on top! ¥460

Where to find them: Rackety’s Raccoon Saloon, Tokyo Disneyland

3. Little Green Man

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The edible version of the famous characters from Toy Story comes in 3 flavors, chocolate cream, strawberry cream, or custard cream. Cute green colored buns also come with a prize, and sold at ¥880.

Where to find them: Soft Landing, Pan Galactic Pizza Port, Tokyo Disneyland

4. Mickey Mouse's Glove Chicken stuffed Steamed Bun

This striking sandwich is made with two pieces of buns shaped like a pair of Mickey mouse’s gloves (complete with 3 grilled-on stripes) holding delicious teriyaki fried chicken inside.Not only the appearance that is impressive, but also it’s so delicious that it may become addictive. Sold for ¥550 by itself, or ¥930 for a set menu.

Where to find them: Plaza Restaurant, Tokyo Disneyland

5. Scrump Man

Scrump man sweet dumplings look like a variation of the “Little Green Man” Series, but comes in whole different flavors - it features Mango cream, Banana cream and Purple potato cream.  The perfectly recreated faces of Scrump are just too irresistible! ¥400 each, with a prize.

Where to find them: Space Place, Tokyo Disneyland

6. Olaf-mochi

The adorable Olaf, everyone’s favorite character from Frozen, has been made into delicious mochi dumplings, stuffed with coconut cream, white chocolate cream and cheese & summer orange cream filling.  You also get a souvenir tray, so you can keep a bit of Olaf after you finish eating!  Sold at ¥820.

Where to find them: Sweet Cafè, Grandma Sarah’s Kitchen Plaza Restaurant, Tokyo Disneyland

7. Smoked Turkey Leg

Gnawing on the smoked turkey drumstick while stroll along the attractions of Disneyland has gained a cult status.On a busy day, you must get in a long line.The impressive drumstick is a treat both to your palate and eyes.¥700 a piece.

Where to find them: Refrescos, Tokyo Disneyland

8. Frontier Double Pie

This charming nut shaped pastry contains double filling, meat and walnuts, a delicious combination of sweet and savory. And when it comes to nuts, who can forget about Chip and Dale? The adorable duo graces the package design, making the item even more attractive. A popular seasonal item.

Where to find them: Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery, Tokyo Disneyland

9. Bacon Wrapped Rice Roll

Unique rice sticks wrapped in bacon make a great street food which you can munch on while walking around. The condiment has a hint of sweetness, which blends nicely with the savory flavor of the rice stick, it is highly satisfying and also addictive.

Where to find them: Liberty Landing Diner, Tokyo Disneyland

10. Chicken and Tomato Calzone

Chicken and Tomato Calzone is a half moon shaped stuffed pizza, a.k.a. calzone. Lushly seasoned with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, a favorite item for hungry souls of all ages.

Where to find them: Pan Galactic Pizza Port, Tokyo Disneyland

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