Only 100 Yen! With These 7 Items, You Too Can Make Japanese Food!

At Daiso 100 yen shops, you'll find an astonishing variety of convenient goods for only 100 yen. Here are 7 items that will help anyone make Japanese food on the first try. Pick them up and enjoy Japanese food even after you return home.



1. Microwavable Rice Steamers


Available at the 100 yen chain store Daiso, this container creates delicious steamed rice from grains and water, simply by heating it in the microwave. Now you can enjoy Japanese food in your home, even if you are without an electronic rice cooker. It's only 100 yen, so it also makes a great gift to bring home to your friends.

2. Microwaveable Donburi and Medamayaki Bowl 

This microwaveable container from Daiso enables you to cook toppings for donburi or medamayaki, all without oil. Donburi are Japanese rice bowl meals, topped by meat or fish, while medamayaki is sunnyside up grilled eggs. Place the eggs on a piece of toast and you've got an instant breakfast.

3. Rice Roll Shakers 

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These rice roll shakers from Daiso are more than a convenient tool;  they are practically an entirely new invention. Just put rice and your favorite extras in the container, slip nori (seaweed) over the exterior, and shake. You'll end up with perfect sushi rolls! Cut them into individual portions and you can offer them as  hors d'oeuvres at a party.

4. Microwaveable Yakisoba Dish 

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Daiso's microwaveable yakisoba dish enables you to cook yakisoba with no oil, perfect for a healthy meal. It's also easy to prepare. Just place Chinese soba noodles in the container and top them with vegetables, meat, and sauce (or funmatsu powder if you prefer).  Once your mix is ready, microwave and eat. The container can also be used as a plate, so it's twice the convenience in one product.

5. Warabi Mochi-zukuri Set 

If you like Japanese sweets. then we recommend this set of items for making Warabimochi. Warabimochi is a chilled desert that is one of the symbols of the Japanese summer. Check out this Youtube video to see how it is made.

6. Microwaveable Ramen -- No Bowl Needed

For the super-busy out there, we highly recommend this ramen-making set which also doubles as a soup bowl. Place a pack of instant ramen in the container, add water, heat it in the microwave, and you're ready to eat. No pots and no extra dishes required. You can also add your favorite toppings like vegetables and eggs for a delicious meal.

7. Instant Miso Soup

Miso soup goes well with any variety of Japanese meal and now you can make it instantly. Daiso's miso packets come in many varieties and we recommend taking several home with you to enjoy Japanese meals, even after your trip is over. Along with soup, there are different toppings like seaweed, tofu, onions and Fu dried wheat.


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Daiso is a chain of one-hundred yen stores which has spread throughout Japan. The stores have a welcoming atmosphere and a wide range of goods, beyond just the Japanese kitchen tools we have introduced here. Visit and you'll find interior decorations, daily necessities, cosmetics, traditional Japanese décor, stationery and much, much more. Nearly all items are available for 100 yen and even the ones that aren't range from an affordable 300 to 500. 


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