One of the latest Japanese trends is fairy fashion

Let's introduce you to the popular fairy fashion craze!



What is fairy fashion?

What exactly is fairy fashion? As the name suggests, it's a fashion style that includes clothes and items fluffy and light like fairies!

It looks more or less like this.
It looks as if she was about to sprout wings and fly away...!

AMO-chan is the founder of the fairy fashion.

And who exactly is AMO-chan...?
Japanese Fashion Model. Acting as a representative model of Litsea Cubeba Group Magazine, I also have a career as a talented singer in the band AMOYAMO. 

Pastel colors suit AMO-chan.
There is no one else who projects a view of the world quite like AMO-chan...




AMO-chan is completely like a child! The most cute!!
When primary colors as accented within the pastel colors, the sense of smart fashion increases considerably and is therefore recommended.


The true fairy white rabbit!
We can agree that she is called originator of fairy fashion.

She quite looks like a doll and we are fascinated by it.


This is a picture where gradation of hair color is clear.
With color whose base is white, it is fluffy and is very adorable.


This is front cover of calendar of AMO chan.
It is good that lavender color, which is hair color, is gradation.

How to make fairy fashion

What do we need to make fairy fashion?
Let's use actual coordination as reference.

As expected, pastel colors are a must in Fairy Fashion! By wearing a lot of clothes in pastel colors, you will turn into a fluffy and gentle fairy! ♡

Fairy fashion combines pastel colors with laces and tulle. It might seem a bit difficult at first, but these materials go together well so you should look good no matter what you decide to use them for.

Pastel knitted garments are cute, right? If you add thick-soiled sandals, you will turn into a wonderful, slightly out-of-there fairy!

Fairy fashion is the combination of long cardigan and short pants.
It is a boyish looking if you only look at the items, but you can get the softly impression using pastel colors.

Starts changing one item to the fairy item

You may have a resistance if you say fairy fashion, because it is a little gaudy ...
If it is your case use "1 Fairy item" as lemma!

Beginners in fairy fashion, should use a dress with race in it!
This alone is enough cute, and it is a start.

Infuse a bit of fairy flair into an everyday wardrobe by adding a tulle skirt!

Add some pastel sneakers.

They may seem a little bottom-heavy and clunky, but that's exactly what brings out the fairy fashion effect! The gap between the chunkiness and pastel color is also great!

Pieces made from the translucent fabric chiffon can further accentuate the fairy flair!
The pastel pink shoes are super cute!!

Fashion is first and foremost for your own enjoyment!


How was it? Cute fairy fashion is always girls' dream!
Let's take in items little by little and enjoy being girls more♡

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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