People Are Falling Over to Try 2018's Best One-handed Foods Sold in Tokyo Station

Looking to try the best one-handed foods sold in Tokyo Station, the transport hub of Japan? From filling foods that will quell your hunger to popular sweets, this article introduces a variety that have been ranked as some of the best of 2018. Please use it as a reference if you ever feel hungry while making a train transfer in Tokyo Station!

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Gransta and Gransta Marunouchi

Welcome to Tokyo's most sophisticated dining zones! Gransta is within the ticket gate of Tokyo Station, while Gransta Marunouchi is outside of it. This means that it is necessary to temporarily leave the station in order to visit Gransta Marunouchi. Whether you go to Gransta or Gransta Marunouchi, the recommended entrance is from the Marunouchi Underground Central Gate.

・Kobe Beef Meat Pie

This delicious snack consists of Kobe beef (one of the most high-quality brands of beef in Japan), onions, and grated hard-boiled eggs, all baked into a flaky pie crust. 

・Chef's Homemade Curry Bun

This curry bun consists of domestic beef, onions, carrots, and plenty of Daisy Tokyo's special curry, which is made with their own signature curry powder. The combination of the crispy exterior with the curry inside is really quite extraordinary! 

*This item is available only at Gransta.

・Pork Fillet Cutlet and Egg Pocket Sandwich (w/ Gin-no-Suzu Brand)

This sandwich, branded with Tokyo Station's famous landmark, Gin-no-Suzu, is filled with a pork fillet cutlet from the famous tonkatsu restaurant, Maisen, as well as a luscious fried egg. The bread has been pressed into a compact circle shape, making it the perfect snack to eat while on the bullet train! 

*This item is available only at GranSta.

Shouro Sandwich

This luxurious sandwich from the tamagoyaki (rolled omelette) specialty store, Tsukiji Shouro, consists of fluffy, thick tamagoyaki placed between slices of high-quality, soft white bread. A small bit of mayonnaise rounds out the sandwich, creating exceptional flavor.

・Gin-no-Suzu Pancake Sandwich

This item consists of whipped cream and other fillings sandwiched in-between two pancakes. There are two flavors: the "Matcha and Red Bean", which contains Uji matcha (powdered green tea from Uji, Kyoto) flavored whipped cream and chunky red bean paste, and the "Strawberry" that has a real strawberry inside, along with strawberry-flavored whipped cream. Please choose whichever one suits you!

*This item is available only at Gransta.

Ecute Keiyo Street

Ecute is a popular department store chain. Most of its branches are located within train stations and possess a wide variety of stores and products. The Ecute Keiyo Street location is especially convenient to those who are traveling great distances from Tokyo, as it is next to Keiyo Street, which runs from the Tokyo Station Ticket Gate and Shinkansen Transer Gate towards the Keiyo and Musashino Lines.

・Torotoro Baked Cheese Cup

This cheese tart is baked in this store's kitchen. It boasts a crispy outside and a luxuriously creamy inside. This item has been covered in the media multiple times, so it is incredibly popular!

*This item is only available at the Keiyo Street location.

・Custard Cream Bun

This cream bun from the long-popular shop, Hattendo, is both soft and melty. This is one sweet you have to try at least once!

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・Tokyo Ekisha

These cute donuts contain the popular Japanese mascot, Kumagoron, dressed up as a cute station master. The most popular donut is the one made with Hokkaido milk chocolate and decorated to look like a brick wall - and it's actually only available at the Keiyo Street location! As you can see, these donuts are also perfect for Instagram photos.

・Shiawase-wo-Yobu Cream Bun

Boulangerie La Terre sells about 150 pieces of this extremely popular item (pictured on the right of the photo above) per day. You can recognize it easily by the smiley face drawn with custard. This is a must-try treat that combines fluffy bread with light whipped cream.


That's the list! If you're looking for Tokyo souvenirs or a bite to eat, these are great options that don't cost much in terms of time or money. Keep them in mind the next time you're making a train transfer in Tokyo Station!

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