A Luxurious Whale Watching Tour and Scenic Parasailing Ride in Okinawa

This is a limited-time discount on a tour package that includes both whale watching and parasailing! The chance of coming across a whale is an astonishing 99%! This luxury tour is limited to 15 people, offering ample space on an already spacious, large-scale passenger boat. The boat is also a catamaran, which is known for having an especially stable frame that reduces rocking and swaying.

The tour also includes gliding across Okinawa’s pristine waters on a 200-meter parasailing rope, which is the longest in Okinawa. The seasoned captain of your boat will give you a tour of Okinawa’s spellbinding beauty.

Excellent Whale Watching! Departing from Naha!

Whale watching is a popular recreational activity during the winter months in Okinawa. You’ll be comfortably steady on the stable frame of a catamaran boat. The entire experience is made all the more exclusive by limiting the tour to 15 people on a boat with a maximum capacity of 50 passengers. The tour is led by a staff member from a longstanding tour company, and this thrilling experience offers an opportunity to get an up-close look at the awesome power of whales in the wild! The exclusively small-scale tour allows for the luxury of a leisurely pace while whale watching. The tour departs from Miegusuku Port (in Naha) just near the airport, facilitating travel plans and even opening up the possibility of taking the tour on the same day as your flight.

Don't Forget the Stunning Views from Above While Parasailing

You’ll also have the opportunity to try parasailing. Taking a scenic flight over the seas of Okinawa on a 200-meter rope is an exhilarating recreational activity. You’ll be guided through the entire process by a veteran staff member at a longstanding tour company. How about gliding over the ocean while taking in the sights like a sea bird? Anyone over the age of 4 can participate. Parasailing is a hugely popular activity for people of all ages, even for young children and the elderly.

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From 11,500 yen