On the Run? Grab One of These Japanese Convenience Store Snacks!

We introduce popular series on the Japanese Convenience store known as "konbini" in Japanese. The convenience store is small but multiple functions. You will find the convenience store anywhere across Japan when you come Japan.


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Lawson's Karaage-kun stands out miles above the conbini chicken crowd. They're actually chicken nuggets rather than fried filets, which means they're way less oily and much easier to eat (there's even a toothpick included!)

Circle K Sunkus

Oishii Pan Seikatsu

Sunkus' entire pastry section, underneath the brand Oishii Pan Seikatsu, is pretty delicious. They even have a series of breads that have as much calcium as as a 200ml bottle of milk. Picture featured is a steamed egg cake.

Family Mart


All convenience stores have various nikuman concoctions, but Family Mart's pizzaman wins this round. With four different types of cheese and a nicely seasoned sauce, it's not much like American pizza but it's tasty.


American Dog

The American Dog, known to Americans as a corn dog, at 7/11 or 7&i Holdings, is one of the best snacks you can take as you walk around town. Filling without being too heavy, it's also an easy clean-up when you're done.

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