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An omiyage is a gift from a trip, to give to family and acquaintances when you reach your destination, whether it’s home for you or not. The kanji that make up the word omiyage are 土 (earth or ground) and 産 (product), so theoretically it’s a local product from wherever you went to.

You’re coming back from a trip? Get your family, friends and coworkers omiyage. It’s an important tradition!


The best omiyage you can never go wrong with is food!

Choosing something famous, good and cute is a very good idea! It will make a great conversation topic!

These are Tokyo Banana, small sponge cakes that look like mini bananas and filled with banana custard. They are cute and also very yummy. The ones above are called Tokyo Banana Tree and have a leopard print design. They are known as Tokyo Sky Tree’s Tokyo Bananas, but you can find them in other places like big stations.

An omiyage for each region

Here are some sweets from different regions of Japan that are super famous. They make the perfect omiyage!




It is made from glutinous rice flour (上新粉 jōshinko), sugar and cinnamon. Baked, it is similar to senbei. Raw, unbaked yatsuhashi (Nama yatsuhashi) has a soft, mochi-like texture and is often eaten wrapped around red bean paste (餡 an), and may come in a variety of different flavours.

It has many flavors such as green tea, cherry blossom, chocolate etc. and also different fillings like red bean, chestnuts etc.


The hard cracker version of Yatsuhashi.





Chinsuko (ちんすこう Chinsukō) is a traditional sweet often sold as a souvenir (miyagegashi) in Okinawa, Japan. It is a small biscuit made of mostly lard and flour, with a mild and sweet flavor very similar to shortbread.

Beni-imo Tart (sweet purple potato tart)



Shiroi Koibito


Shiroi Koibito (white lover, Japanese: 白い恋人) is a European-style cookie manufactured and sold by Japanese confectionery maker Ishiya Co., Ltd. in Sapporo, Hokkaido. It consists of chocolate sandwiched between langue de chat. There are two types: Shiroi Koibito White with white chocolate in the centre and Shiroi Koibito Black with milk chocolate in the centre. The package design has a white and light blue base with a picture of Rishiri Island’s Mount Rishiri arranged in the centre.

The boxes are beautiful and can be reused as a storage box after!


Royce’s Potato chips coated with chocolate



Hiyoko, the baby chick shaped sweet


Hiyoko Honpo Yoshinodo’s famous sweet, the Hiyoko (pictured above), was born in Iizuka City in 1912. It is a small cake shaped like a baby chick and characterized by its cute beak and small eyes.
The smooth yolk bean paste in the center is made from pea beans (carefully selected based not only on their taste but also their size) and fresh eggs. This is then covered with dough made from “Hiyoko flour” (prepared especially for use in Hiyoko cakes), honey, and so on. With its practically unchanged taste, the Hiyoko cake has been well-known and loved by everyone since its birth.

This one is green tea flavored.



Unagi Pie


What is Unagi Pie? A long, thin, sweet pastry-like biscuit .

What is the connection between unagi and pie? Apparently there are traces of unagi in these biscuits. Personally I can’t taste it at all. I like the flavour of unagi but as far as I am concerned it is 100% missing from this sweet, light, crisp biscuit.


The Aomori prefecture is well-known for its delicious apples!!

“Ki ni naru Ringo”, an apple pie pastry


This apple pastry is made by taking a fresh Aomori apple, drilling out the inside, and dropping it in a vat of a sugary syrup for several months. They pull it out when it has gone sweet and soft. Then they fill the inside with a sweet pastry and breaded filling and wrap the outside with layers like a croissant. After that, the delicious contraption is baked until crispy on the outside.


Special omiyage from famous tourist places too!


Tokyo Sky Tree

Crispy Tokyo Sky tree with chocolate


Super cute Tokyo Sky Tree cookies!


Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji shaped Baumkuchen (vanilla and chocolate)


Cute and simple Mount Fuji cookies

These cookies are green tea, strawberry, vanilla and Earl Grey flavored.

Ueno Zoo

Ueno zoo cookies in a cute box with panda design!


Shiretoco donuts with a little panda in the hole!


Going to a theme park? Get some omiyage for those who couldn’t come with you!

The Tokyo Disneyland Omiyage are always packed in beautiful boxes!


The wrapping is super colorful and cute!


Every cookie is individually wrapped so it can be easily shared.


The Christmas version is also adorable!


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