Blue Cave Snorkeling: Enjoy the Beautiful Underwater World of the Blue Cave! (Onna, Okinawa)

Snorkeling is a marine sport that allows you to enjoy the underwater world without needing any heavy equipment. Experienced instructors will guide you through all you need to know. This tour will allow you to fully enjoy Okinawa's popular diving spot, the Blue Cave. Underwater souvenir photos and fish pellets for feeding are also included in the tour fee.

Freely Enjoy the Underwater World

Snorkeling is a marine sport in which you use a piece of equipment called a "snorkel" to see underwater. It doesn't require any heavy equipment, so it's an easy activity for beginners to enjoy. However, accidents often occur when people let their guard down while snorkeling. To combat this, experienced instructors will guide you along the way in this tour. These instructors can teach even beginners how to enjoy the sea safely while snorkeling as well as guide you to the best viewing spots.

Free Underwater Photos!

Fish pellets for feeding are available to help draw the fish closer to you, so you'll be able to play with fish that swim right in front of your eyes. It'll feel as though you're swimming through an aquarium! You can also get photos taken for free to remember your trip by, which will be handed to you in digital format at the end of the tour.

Use the Fully-Equipped Dive Facility for Free

All participants may use the dive shop's showers, changing rooms, lockers, parking, toilets, and air conditioning for free. Hair dryers are also available, so you can get dressed and head straight out for a meal or more sightseeing in Okinawa. 


From 3,000 yen