Stay, Play, and Work with Your Very Own Maids at Okaeri House!

Okaeri House is a brand-new living, dining, and coworking space in Tokyo with a twist: Akihabara-style cosplay maids work here! If you're not familiar with Japan's maid cafes, they're designed to be a fun and relaxing space where you can chat with waitresses dressed in cute maid costumes. Okaeri House takes the maid cafe concept further by offering not just a cafe but accommodation and even a workspace! Whether you're visiting Tokyo on a holiday or are interested in a coworking space with a unique twist, read on to find out all you need to know about the newly opened Okaeri House!

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What is Okaeri House?

Okari House is a multi-purpose space with three main features: a maid cafe, accommodation, and coworking space. Whether you're traveling solo or in a group, short or long-term, Okaeri House can accommodate your itinerary!

"Okaeri" means "welcome home" in Japanese, which conveys the warm welcome you'll receive from the maids here. The Okaeri House maids don't just work in the cafe, they also help maintain the guest rooms and even act as your concierge in the coworking space! Okaeri House is located just a three-minute walk from Itabashi Station, giving you great access to major Tokyo shopping and sightseeing areas like Ikebukuro, Shibuya, and Shinjuku via the Saikyo Line. 

Maid Cafe Pinafore - Okaeri House Branch

On the first floor of Okaeri House, you'll find a newly opened maid cafe. This cafe is actually a branch of Maid Cafe Pinafore, which has been running for 10 years in two other locations. Since it's produced by an established group, the Okaeri House branch has all the features you'd expect from a classic maid cafe, starting with friendly waitresses dressed in adorable maid cosplay. You'll have the chance to experience classic Japanese maid cafe staples you may have heard of, like omelette rice personalized with your name written in ketchup.

Okaeri House's maid cafe is a friendly and safe space that welcomes everyone, including families and female travelers. Another great feature of Okaeri House's maid cafe is that there are no cover charges. Unlike some other maid cafes, you can relax and enjoy your time knowing you're not going to end up looking at an unexpectedly high bill! With food and drinks starting from 500 yen, this is a very affordable way to experience a Tokyo-style maid cafe for yourself in brand new, stylish environment.

Other menu items include crowd-pleasers like omurice, pancakes, and various snacks. You can also enjoy alcoholic drinks here, so if you're staying at the guest house, why not wind down at the bar after a busy day of sightseeing?

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Okaeri House - Guest House

On the second and third floors of Okaeri House, you'll find guesthouse-style accommodation. You might be surprised at how affordable staying at Okaeri House is, considering real life Akihabara-style maids are your housekeepers! 

As you can see in the photos, while the accommodation is shared, the beds feel more like a capsule hotel rather than a traditional bunk bed. Even if you're new to shared accommodation, you're sure to feel comfortable with the amount of privacy you'll have here. These guest rooms are full of thoughtful touches to make your stay more comfortable, like privacy curtains, personal power outlets, reading lights, and bench-style desks for when you need to write an email or get some work done.

If you prefer your own space or are looking for a longer-term stay, there are three private rooms to choose from on the third floor of Okaeri House that can accommodate up to two people each. In these private rooms, you can choose between futons or bunk beds, so whether you're traveling with a partner, friend, or family, there's a sleeping arrangement to suit your requests!

If you're traveling in a larger group, you can book out all the private rooms on the third floor and enjoy private use of the common space pictured above, too. Extra futons can be provided in the common space to accommodate more guests as well, so if you're looking to accommodate a whole family or group in Tokyo with the uniquely Japanese touch of maid housekeepers, inquire with Okaeri House for group bookings!

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Okaeri Office Coworking Space

Whether you're a freelancer or remote worker, the brand new Okaeri Office is a unique coworking space that can suit all types of working needs, with both monthly rental and drop-in rental options available.

Plus, maids are your concierge at Okaeri Office! You can even enjoy drinks brought to you by your Okaeri Office maids every day. The chance to take a break from your busy workday to chat with the friendly maids at Okaeri Office is something you really can't experience anywhere else.

Okaeri Office users can also take advantage of all the other services Okaeri House has to offer, including the shower and washing machines, which could be a real lifesaver if you're busy running from meeting to meeting! Of course, you can relax after work at the maid cafe, or even stay overnight at the guest house if you're working late. (Use of some facilities will come with an extra charge, so please inquire with Okaeri House for more details.)

If renting by the month, you can reserve a space at the hot desks in the main work area or in your own private booth. Drop-in use of the hot desks or meeting room is also available, and users can take advantage of Okaeri Office facilities such as fast wireless LAN, a laser multi-function copier, and a private meeting room. Business services are also available for an additional charge for monthly contracts, including mail-handling and the ability to register Okaeri Office as your business address.

Stay, Play, and Work at Okaeri House!

Whether you're traveling and want to try a unique, only-in-Japan experience or need a longer-term base to work from in Tokyo, the maids at Okaeri House are waiting to welcome you home! 

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