Explore the Ocean Floor on a Marine Walk (Okinawa)

The type of helmets used for marine walks are generous in size, giving you a wide viewing angle and a clear view of your surroundings. You can even wear your glasses! Staff with both diving and marine walk instructor certifications will guide you. Even beginners and children can participate in this tour. The cost includes digital files of your underwater photos and fish pellets for feeding so that you can see the fish up close. You'll be able to immerse yourself completely in this magical underwater world.

Walk on the Ocean Floor!

The diving time is around 15 minutes. You will be equipped with a large helmet which allows you to freely walk on the seabed. This magical blue world is full of adorable fish that you can play with up close. 

A Chance to Create Memories with Family and Friends!

The staff will take photos of you while underwater and copy the digital files to your storage media for free. Share your experience of the expansive Blue Cave's underwater world with your friends and loved ones!

All the Facilities You Need to Continue Sightseeing After Your Dive

The dive shop is equipped with showers, changing rooms, lockers, parking, toilets, and air conditioning, all of which are free to use. Hair dryers are also available, which is useful for those with long hair. After your experience, you can head out for a meal or sightseeing straight away, making this an ideal experience to fit into any free time in your travel plans.

Basic Information


From 6,000 yen