Nostalgic Japanese sweets that were sold dozens of years ago

These are nostalgic sweets that were sold dozens of years ago. I will introduce these that I chose from my biased opinion.



What are cheap sweets?

These are primarily low-cost sweets that were made for kids.
In the era of rapid growth when there were lots of kids, there were even confectionery makers where these were their main products.

Even so, products with freebies, prizes that appear when you finish eating the snack, being able to get one more ice cream, etc.
It seems that all the companies created these products in order to earnestly cut down on their competition.

After that, because of reasons like the declining birth rate, those cheap sweet makers have disappeared.
In reality, for people like myself who are middle-aged but yearning for the past, lately there are a lot of makeshift candy stores opening.
You can also buy all of these cheap sweets on the internet.

However, you can't buy just one, you can only buy a box.
There are also a lot of candy stores that have come to take advantage of people's weaknesses.

If you demand to buy only one piece, they'll say "but they're only 10 cents each! Give me a break, please."

Morocco Yogurt

For me, you can't start this list with anything else!
This's been so many decades but my tongue still remembers it...
It's been so many years since I've eaten it, but when I remember it, without thinking about it tears come to my eyes.



Next is this! This is also something I would often eat on my way home from school.
Fluffy, fragrant, and slightly sweet...this has an extremely nostalgic taste.

Baby Star Ramen


I also ate this frequently. These were cheap sweets that took bagged noodles, broke them into pieces, and added seasoning.
I couldn't get enough of that crunchy texture. It's still sold in regular stores toady, making it a long-selling product.

Mini Cola

And then there's this! This! My favorite cola flavor is ramune, a Japanese soda made from lemonade.
It's full of deliciousness, and it's a sweet that makes you feel like you've profited.
You can still buy this in regular stores.

Miyako Konbu

This is another cheap snack I used to eat a lot, because you get addicted to the sweet vinegar-y taste.
But for a kid, it's a little pricey. This is another product you can still buy at a convenience store.

Katto Yocchan

While the actual name is "Katto Yocchan," at the time kids nicknamed it "Yocchan squid."
This is no longer sold in stores, but sometimes I buy boxes of it online.
It's quite delicious.

Cocoa Cigarette


Sometimes I would buy this snack and sit on a bench to pretend I was an adult smoking tabacco.
You hold this in your mouth and play with it by pretending to smoke.

From afar it could look like you were really smoking a cigarette.
If you got yelled at, you could just say, "no, look, this is just candy~"
I remember saying that.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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