[Osaka] Ninja Experience and Outdoor Exploration!

Ninjas were secret agents that influenced Japanese history from behind the scenes, and were primarily tasked with espionage in feudal Japan. They were known for their intensive physical and mental training.
This trial experience involves dressing in authentic ninja garb and learning about the customs and weapons of ninjas. You will go through 5 different kinds of training.
Additionally, you can also opt to go exploring (60 minutes) in ninja garb.

Ninja Training

There are 5 different kinds of ninja disciplines you will learn about as part of the class. The Kuji Goshin Ho (9 principles of self-defense) were 9 principles that the ninja followed as a means of achieving mental focus, while the Hoho (way of walking) was a method of movement to avoid being detected. Their weapons included the shinobigatana (ninja sword), utilized as both a weapon and a functional tool, the fukiya (Japanese blowgun), used to incapacitate enemies from afar, and shuriken (ninja throwing stars), which had various uses for the ninja.

Outdoor Exploration (add-on option)

You can also go exploring both inside the Ninja-Do facility and around the different historic sites in the area.


Basic Information


From 4,800 yen.