A New Twist on Candied Japanese Strawberries at Strawberry Fetish!

Strawberry Fetish, Japan's first strawberry candy specialty store, just opened in SHIBUYA 109 on June 28, 2019! Strawberry candy is a staple at Japanese festivals, but at this specialty store, you'll be able to savor many variations of this delicious candy like never before! If you've got a sweet tooth, you'll definitely want to stop by this store to get a taste of this fruity dessert!

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SugarFactory is a company that manages 4 shops along Takeshita Street in Harajuku. Their most undeniably well-known store is TOTTI CANDY FACTORY, which dishes out the famed giantic, colorful cotton candy. This summer, on June 28, they've released yet another sweet treat - strawberry candies! The store is fittingly named Strawberry Fetish, and is located on the second basement floor of the popular department store SHIBUYA 109.


Strawberry candy, or "ichigo ame" in Japanese, is a classic sweet that you'll see sold at many food stands during Japanese festivals. The strawberry candy at Strawberry Fetish, however, will introduce an "evolved" version of this nostalgic candied delight.

The strawberries in itself are of exceptional high quality, and each strawberry is carefully coated in sugary syrup to ensure a picture-perfect appearance. (They even measure the thickness of the coating for each one down to the milimeter!) One of the best parts about enjoying a strawberry candy is the crunch and the crispy sounds it makes when you bite into it, so each product is specially coated so that customers can savor sounds, taste, and appearance all in one strawberry!

The original classic Strawberry Candy (400 yen) comes with 3 strawberries on a stick, but if that's not enough for you, you can choose the Long Strawberry Candy (600 yen) instead for a bigger (and longer) portion!

You can also cover the strawberries with a huge variety of toppings! With the different toppings, you'll be able to enjoy a fresh new sensation that's unlike the strawberries you'll find at festivals. The "Black" topping completely covers the strawberries in chocolate and costs an extra 200 yen, and there's also a "Tiramisu" topping, a white frosting decoration lightly dusted with powder, for an addition 120 yen.

If you're craving other strawberry sweets, they have you covered with their diverse strawberry dessert menu, including strawberry-flavored ice cream rolls and the Strawberry x Milk (550 yen) beverage. Or, if you're really craving something with a powerful kick of strawberry flavors, you could go for the Strawberry x Strawberry (650 yen)!

If you've got a sweet tooth and you're looking for cute, sweet treats to eat while you're in Tokyo, why not add Strawberry Fetish to your list? Along with the giant, colorful cotton candy, the strawberry candies are sure to please any strawberry and sweets lovers out there. Be on the lookout for the store this July!


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