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Yuba or bean curd layer is a favourite food among vegetarians. Nikko is known for its high quality yuba products.


Namerou, or miso-jackfish tartare, is a local fishermen’s food in southern Chiba.

Namerou is a traditional fishermen’s dish from the coastal area of the Boso-hanto Peninsula forming the southern part of Chiba. The main ingredients are horse mackerel, sardines, flying fish, and Pacific saury or mackerel. The fish is cut into small pieces, with miso added, then leeks, ginger and green basil are placed on top and chopped finely to form a paste.


This pan-fried local dish in Tokyo is similar to okonomi-yaki. Monja-yaki’s batter contains various ingredients such as sweet corn, vegetables and fried squid. Monja-yaki batter usually contains more liquid that the common okonomi-yaki.


Another local dish in downtown Tokyo – Fukagawa-meshi. This is a bowl of rice which is usually topped with miso-based shelled clams and green onions.

Chubu and Tokai


This is a famous local cuisine in the Yamanashi area. Houtou is a pot-dish where noodles are cooked in the same pot with pumpkin, mushrooms and other vegetables in a miso-based soup.

Miso Katsu

Miso Katsu is one of the local foods in Aichi that you should not miss out on.

Miso Katsu is a version of tonkatsu (juicy breaded and deep-fried pork cutlets served with a thick, sweet and tangy sauce and served with shredded cabbage and steamed rice) that is a specialty in Nagoya, Japan. Instead of the usual thick, sweet and tangy sauce that is served with tonkatsu, miso katsu is served with a miso-based sauce using hatcho miso, a dark red miso paste.


This udon (wheat-flour noodles) dish is a typical food found in Nagoya and is cooked in miso-based soup.



Nihonshu, or better known as sake is Japanese wine made from rice and malt.

The excellent sake produced in Niigata is due not only to the quality rice and water, but also to the coldness of the winter, which maturates the sake. Niigata has excellent master brewers, called echigotai, and the Niigata sake brands are famous nationwide, with a good selection offered in many pubs.


Hotaruika, which is also called the firefly squid, is a local delicacy found in Toyama Bay.


Jibu-ni is a very rare duck meal in Japan.

Jibu-ni is a typical local cuisine of Kanazawa. It is made using thinly sliced duck meat coated with flour or starch and simmered with fu (dried bread-like pieces of gluten), shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots and Japanese parsley in a soup made with stock, mirin (sweet cooking rice wine), sugar, salt, soy sauce and sake. The flour or starch coating holds in the flavor of the meat and thickens the stock.

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