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Eat Nabe in winter!

The Nabe is the major dish during winter. It warms up you r body and has been a major winter dish for ages.

What kind of dish is it?

The dishes cooked in a clay pot are called Nabe.

In a big clay pot, we put a lot of ingredients and boil it. It’s that simple!

Essentials ingredients for the hot pot

Chinese cabbage

The winter Chinese cabbage has a sweet taste and is so good. Normally, there is no specific ingredients to put in the shot pot but the Chinese cabbage is definitely one of those ingredients that you want to add to your hot pot.


Leek is also another essential ingredient to put in the winter hot pot.


In Japan we have a lot of different sorts of mushrooms. If you like it, you can put all kind of mushrooms in your hot pot.


Tofu is a processed food and a basic dish in Japanese cooking. It’s not as heavy as meat. The soybean is called “the meat of the field” because it almost has as much protein as meat.

Put anything that is in your fridge!

Mainly leafy vegetables, you can also put the vegetables and the meat that yo have already in your fridge, even sausages!

Add fish juice to your hot pot by adding fish. It will be even more delicious.

What about the seasoning?

Hot water

Cook all the ingredients in hot water and add the sauce that you want in another plate when it’s done cooking.

Everyone takes the vegetables and the meat that they want to have and put it into their plates full of sauce like in this picture.


The most famous sauce out of all is Ponzu. It’s a sauce used a lot in Japanese cooking that has a citrus base. You’ll find lots of different kind of Ponzu sauce in the Japanese supermarket.

What is Ponzu?

Sort of acid citrus-based sauce with soy sauce used as a condiment. Sometimes vinegar, mirin, bonito or kelp is add to this sauce.

Japanese spice mixture : shichimi togarashi

Shichimi means seven flavors because there is seven different sort of spices in this mixture. It is used a lot with Ponzu

It is sold in a small bottle like this.

The Yosenabe

The Yosenabe is when you put all the ingredients together like fish, meat, pork, vegetables. The seasoning of the hot pot can be from the juice coming from the ingredients, bonito, or kelp.

Some other hot pots

Add Soy milk to get a soy milk Nabe

The soy milk and and the Japanese soup match perfectly!

Curry Nabe! Feel free to style it your way!

Last but not least

What about adding rice?

All the juice coming from all the ingredient is so delicious! So, you can use it to cook some white rice and eggs and create a porridge of rice and vegetables.

Why not add noodles?

You can also add noodles, it is delicious. Everyone will be full and happy at the end of the meal.

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