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5. LOTTE Ghana milk chocolate

In fifth position, a milk chocolate bar called “Ghana”.

LOTTE, the Japanese chocolate manufacturer’s name is wrote all over the chocolate bar.

There’s also recipes using the chocolate bar at the back of the package.

Also in TV commercials!

Especially around Valentine’s Day, we can see a lot of Ghana’s commercial on TV. In Japan, girls traditionally give the boy they love chocolates on Valentine’s Day. We see a lot of commercials with famous actresses, models, sportsmen on TV.

By the way…

Ice cream using Ghana’s chocolate for coating.

4.LOTTE Almond Chocolate

Chocolate balls with a whole almond inside. We can see other companies doing the same kind of chocolate but it’s LOTTE’s almond chocolate that is ranked in 4th position. On the top left you can read “It’s not too sweet, but it’s too good” in Japanese. It might be the secret of their success.

Here’s how it looks like inside the box. It’s actually pretty big.

3. Bourbon Alfort Mini Chocolate

In third position, some chocolate cookies, from a company called Bourbon, became undeniably famous.”The relaxing time of the day” is their catch phrase.Is it their crunchy cookies or the chocolate on top that tastes amazingly good? We can’t really tell, but it’s delicious!

Here’s the inside of the box. A ship is delicately drawn on the chocolate.

Mild bitter

Lot of flavors are available. This one is the same cookie but with bitter chocolate and a mild bitter chocolate cookie.

Green tea

There’s also the typical japanese flavor, the green tea flavored chocolate. The green color is also beautiful!

2. Pocky from Glico

In second position, Pocky, that you can certainly find in all supermarkets all over the world now! The name changes depending on the country it is sold, but in Japan, the original name is Pocky.

No surprise! We can see it on the box picture, but here’s how it looks like inside.

A lot of flavors

In Japan, where it all started, we have a lot of flavors.

Pocky from special regions!

You can find some limited edition flavors from different regions.In this picture, the limited edition flavor of Hokkaido, the Yubari melon flavor (Yubari is a famous place for melons in Hokkaido)

And now in the first place…

1. Nestle Mini KitKat

It’s super famous in Japan, The KItKat from Nestle.Do you know it? Depending on the country, the amount of almonds and the taste of the KitKat can be a little bit different. Why not try all the KitKat from all the countries!

This Kitkat mini size is super convenient as it’s in individual bags. We can see it a lot in Japanese home parties.

Lot of flavors

In Japan, there’s a limited edition flavor for almost every region. Give it as an Omiyage (present) and people would certainly love it!

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