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Minato Mirai, the name of Yokohama’s modern harbor town, literally means “port of the future.” When I was living there, I always felt like I was either inside Bladerunner or on Cloud City (from Empire Strikes Back–come on!). Well, you can see what the Bladerunner side of things looks like in my blog about Yokohama night shots; in this blog, let’s take a walk around “Cloud City” and see what makes it so awesome.

This is the Yokohama Grand InterContinental Hotel, a modern bastion of service, good food and great views. I heard that it was actually designed by a famous architect, who I guess was having a melon craving at the time, because this really looks like a…well, you can fill in the blanks. Anyway, “the slice” (as I like to call it) should be viewed from many angles; you’ll see it crop up again in this pictures!

Sometimes we should take a break from all this future-y stuff and remind ourselves that yes, Minato Mirai is actually a harbor with lots of ships coming through. Here’s two cool pics, one with sails unfurled and the other furled (is that even a word?!). Can you see the slice?

The Landmark Tower (right corner) and the opposite building being bisected by a snaking roller coaster track is a great image–funny that what I notice most is the sky. We had great big open vistas where I come from, so maybe I miss that.

What I’ve learned over the years is that, if you search long and hard enough, you will be able to find Mount Fuji next to, framed by or behind EVERYTHING in Japan. 😉 You have to admit that this was too great a photo to pass up.

Lest we forget that people live here, here’s a shot of a park some distance away from the port itself. People seem to be having fun, totally oblivious to the delicious absurdity of the slice looming not too far away.

Here’s a bird’s-eye view of the harbor, possibly taken from a tower looking out at just the right angle. I’ve seen enough of these shots (most of them at night) to guess that that’s the case. If you want to take a helicopter ride over the port, though, be my guest.

The Yokohama Bay Bridge looks like the Golden Gate at night, but during the day it becomes it’s own animal. Whatever the species, in my opinion it’s gorgeous! Take a night tour of the harbor so you can fall in love with it twice.

Here’s the Landmark Tower again, looking not-so-landmark-y when positioned behind this fully blooming sakura tree. Blue skies, modern architecture, and natural beauty all in one shot–what more could you ask for?

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