[Welcome to the Wonderful World of Tea] Matcha and Nerikiri Confectionery-Making Experience: Regular Plan

[Make Your Own Matcha and Nerikiri: 2 Exquisite Experiences]
(1) Make your own original nerikiri (traditional Japanese sweets made with glutinous rice and a white sweet bean paste)
(2) Try higashi (dried sweets) with matcha tea in the traditional ambiance of a zashiki (a room with low tables on tatami flooring)

Jinmatsuan is an establishment located in Ainomachi, Kyoto-Gojo, offering special programs of traditional Japanese cultural experiences!
You'll use a colorful variety of sweet bean pastes to make the nerikiri. Afterwards, you'll prepare your own matcha, which you can either try with everyone else during the workshop or take home to have at your leisure.

You'll be participating in a Japanese cultural tradition through this hands-on workshop at Jinmatsuan!

Making Nerikiri Confectionery

Use sweet bean paste to shape your nerikiri into seasonal flowers or fruit. 

Preparing Matcha Tea

You'll prepare your own matcha tea according to a traditional method using a chasen (whisk), chawan (bowl), and chasaku (spoon).

Zashiki Seating

Take pictures in a traditional zashiki room with classic Japanese interior furnishings.

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From 2,300 yen