Popular Marine Walk & Blue Cave Snorkeling Combo Tour Package (Okinawa)

Okinawa is located in the southwestern part of Japan, close to China and Taiwan. It is surrounded by beautiful ocean waters and attracts visitors from all over the world as a resort where you can enjoy the everlasting summer of a subtropical climate. The islands of Okinawa are scattered over an area of about 1,000 km east and west, with each island having its own unique culture, such as the main island of Okinawa and Ishigaki Island near the southernmost point of the prefecture.
The waters of Okinawa’s oceans are very clear, and there are many coral reefs, which makes it an aquatic paradise full of exotically colorful tropical fish.

This is a bargain combo tour package with both the popular marine walk and Blue Cave snorkeling combo tour package.
Experience snorkeling in the popular Blue Cave and enjoy a stroll underwater.
Enjoy fish feeding and fully experience this mystical space!

Marine Walk

Sea walking is a sport where you can enjoy strolling in the sea wearing a special helmet with oxygen pumped into it from the surface. You can enjoy this tour without getting your face wet, and even without removing your makeup or glasses!

Blue Cave Snorkeling

The Blue Cave is found in Onna Village in central Okinawa. This is a popular destination thanks to the magical blue tint of the ocean waters. In this one precious location you can encounter coral reefs and tropical fish before you proceed to enter the cave, making it a site where you can experience all the splendors of Okinawa’s oceans at once.
Snorkeling is a sport in which you can enjoy the beauty of the ocean from the surface of the water. Diving is unnecessary in this popular activity, and you can feel secure because you just have to float on the water.

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From 9,200 yen