[Tokyo/Ikebukuro] Make-It-Yourself Ramen for Visitors to Japan: The Grand Opening of Bankara Ramen University!

How would you like to participate in a 1-day cooking class on how to make ramen? This 1-day ramen-making experience consists of making 2 different kinds of soup—“Bankara” shoyu tonkotsu (soy sauce and pork bone) broth, and baitan (white broth made with chicken bone) tonkotsu broth—then ending the class by actually trying out your personal creation. The satisfaction of making and eating your own authentic ramen is a wonderful memory to take away from a trip to Japan!

The History of Ramen, and the History of Bankara

The class begins with an introduction to get acquainted with the traditions of ramen-making in Japan, including the typical customs practiced by those who make it, as well as the different kinds of ramen that can be found across Japan. You’ll even learn about and perform the "chorei"—a daily morning stand-up meeting held not only at ramen restaurants, but other Japanese businesses as well.

A Rare Opportunity to Make Your Own Ramen

During the course, you’ll be preparing two different kinds of ramen—Bankara ramen and tonkotsu ramen. The ramen tastes especially delicious when it's the fruit of your own labor.

Don't Forget Your Souvenirs

You’ll also be taking home a specially prepared gift package of Bankara ramen.

Basic Information


From 5,500 yen