[Osaka/Osaka-shi] Make Both Your Heart and Stomach Content: The Authentic Sushi Chef Experience! Mini Domestic Pork Shabu Course

These days, sushi is renowned in places all over the world!
The Osaka Sushi Chef Experience Center offers the opportunity to learn how to make authentic sushi in its place of origin.
The class offers a closer vantage point on Japanese culinary culture, beginning in the kitchen. You’ll receive careful instruction on how to work out the appropriate size of the shari (sushi rice), then mold it into the oblong shape nigiri sushi(hand-formed sushi) is known for.

8-Piece Nigiri Sushi (maguro (tuna), salmon, shrimp, octopus, etc.) + Mini Domestic Pork Shabu (sliced meat parboiled with vegetables) + Miso Soup
*Contents may differ depending on the season.

A Brief Summary of the Sushi Chef Experience

1. The class will begin with an introductory movie   (appx. 5 minutes)
2. Listen to a lecture on how to make the sushi
A sushi chef will help you learn how to prepare sushi from scratch.    (appx. 5 minutes)
3. Try making your own sushi
Have fun testing out what you’ve just learned!   (appx. 10 minutes)
4. Dinner party
Eat your own handmade sushi. (appx. 15 minutes)
5. Upon completing the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion
The certificate is proof of your completion of an authentic sushi-making experience.   (appx. 10 minutes)

Dressing in A Kimono (Add-On Option)

There is also an option to experience trying on a traditional kimono♪ How about a picture in a kimono to commemorate the occasion?

Basic Information


From 2,980 yen