Luxury Whale Watching Tour in Okinawa

The coming of winter signals the start of whale watching season in Okinawa! Humpback whales migrate to Okinawa every year during the winter to give birth and raise their young. The whale encounter rate is an astonishing 99%! In the very rare case that you don't come across any whales, you’re guaranteed a refund for the entire cost of the tour. The tour is conducted exclusively for 15 passengers on a boat with a 50-passenger capacity, so you won't need to compete to try and get a good vantage point. The tour is guided by a staff member who is especially knowledgeable about cetacean behavior. Whale watching is a thrilling winter-only activity in which you can take to the seas on a roomy, comfortable boat, so please be sure to consider it for your winter travel plans to Okinawa.

A Tour Conducted Exclusively For 15 People on a Spacious Ship: A Luxury Tour in a Roomy Atmosphere

Whale watching isn’t something you get to do every day, so why not travel in comfort? Sea World uses catamaran ships, which are known for their stable frame design that reduces the amount of rocking and swaying even on open waters. This extravagant tour offers the luxury of an incredible amount of space to yourself by limiting the tour to 15 people. This guided tour is led by a staff member from a longstanding tour company well-versed in everything about whales, which will provide excellent support to enrich your whale watching experience.

A Winter-only Tour While Cruising the Waters of Naha, Okinawa!

Whale watching in Okinawa is only possible during the winter, but it's one of the premier activities of the season. You won't want to miss a chance to get to see these majestic creatures up close! The sheer size and beauty of whales leaves a memorable impression no matter how many times you see them! The whales come to Okinawa's waters to give birth and raise their young, so there’s also a chance you’ll get to see some adorable baby whales.
The tour departs from Miegusuku Port, located just 10 minutes by car from Naha Airport. Please feel free to make a reservation even on the day of your flight.
Families, couples, and solo travelers are all welcome!

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From 5,500 yen