Look Here for Capsule Hotels in Shibuya! 6 Recommended Selections!

Shibuya, Tokyo is the birthplace of many of Japan’s trends. Of course there are many people who visit for sightseeing, business and a myriad of other reasons. This time we’re introducing some capsule hotels in the Shibuya area and surrounding locations! There is a full selection from the standard to the premium! Please consult this list if you’re planning to stay in the Shibuya area.


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1. Ideal for business or sightseeing! Capsule & Sauna Century Shibuya

Capsule & Sauna Century Shibuya is a base for leisure and business, located a 6 minute walk from JR Shibuya station and is a men-only capsule hotel. In addition to being a standard use capsule hotel, it is also convenient for foreigners and businessmen. Inside the building has just the right amount of facilities like a reclining room, large public bath and laundry space. The rooms come in standard and deluxe. Definitely check it out if you feel that “At the very least, I want to stay in Shibuya!”

2. Come here if you want to feel good and relax! Hotel Siesta

Hotel Siesta is situated a minute’s walk away from Ebisu station. The exterior, interior and facilities have been well prepared and you can spend your stay without any discomfort. This capsule hotel uses original down-filled futons from a major futon company! They’re not stuffy but silky with extraordinary breathability. You can use it with confidence because it absorbs well, even for those who are prone to sweating. Of course the rooms are also stocked with unlimited amenities so don’t have to worry if you need to stay in an emergency. If you want a hotel near Ebisu station, look no further than Hotel Siesta!

3. Work from a capsule hotel?! Central Inn Gotanda

Central Inn Gotanda is one of the capsule hotels in the Shibuya area. One of its selling points is it’s great location, just a 3 minute walk from Gotanda station. This is part of a series along with the above-mentioned Hotel Siesta.

One of the characteristics of Central Inn Gotanda is that they have roomy capsule guest rooms called “cabin capsule rooms”! There’s a desk and chair available so it will be a pleasure for businessmen. A capsule hotel with this much available space is hard to find!

*This place has closed down.

4. Recommended for foreign women! Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya

The popular Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya is capsule hotel with a hostess and is famous as a Japanese-style hotel that is quite modern and stylish! Operating under the concept of “traveling with ease in Japan”, it is a women-only capsule hotel.

Only a 10 minute walk from Shibuya station, it is easily accessible, has a free reward service and a modern and stylish exterior. Among the capsule hotel staff, there are many that speak both Japanese and English so first time female travellers can lodge here without worrying! Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya is a place where you can experience Japanese culture and seems to have many repeat customers.

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5. Recommended for students! The reasonable Sauna & Capsule Minami Gakugeidai

Sauna & Capsule Minami Gakugeidai is a famous capsule hotel for Gakugei University students and is situated 3 minutes on foot from Gakugeidai station. Just like the name suggests, this capsule hotel is often used by the university students. It seems like it’s especially used after drinking parties and missing the last train. The price is easy on a student’s wallet so it’s quite reasonable! You can spend the night for ¥3500 so in case of an emergency you can sleep over without any worry. Of course it’s not restricted to just students, businessmen and tourists can also use it!

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6. Comfort like a capsule hotel! Commun Shibuya (men-only)

Commun Shibuya is a men-only lodging facility. Strictly speaking, it isn’t a capsule hotel but it’s appeal is that it has the same kind of comfort and reasonable pricing. Of course lodgers get a shower so you can stay there with peace of mind.

During business hours, there is a free space on the first floor that you can use for meetings or group activities, which is extremely convenient. It’s popular among students, businessmen and a wide range of people! You should definitely make use of Commun Shibuya which caters to new kinds of needs.

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The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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