Local Night Out Food Tour In Namba


・3 hour tour together with a local or foreign expert guide

・Enjoy the atmosphere and variety of food in 3 different Izakayas (local Japanese bar)

・1 free cup of Japanese Sake (Nihonshu / Shochu / Umeshu)

・Discover some hidden sightseeing spots

・Memorable photos and videos


6,000 JPY

per person

About 3hours / 1~6 Participants / English speaking guide

The First Shot! Getting Things Started With A Local Favorite

First, we’re going to meet up with our guide and get acquainted with the other travelers!! We will start the night off with the popular local Osakan food, kushikatsu. Kushikatsu is a fried skewer with bite-sized meat and vegetables. Kushi refers to the bamboo skewers and katsu refers to the deep-fried meat cutlet. The golden brown color of Kushikatsu will make your mouth water!! Goes great with a nice, cold beer!!

The Chaser! Taking A Quiet Stroll Out To The Temple!

Next, we’ll take a little break and go for a walk out to Hozenji Temple and some other hidden spots. It’s definitely a trip at night, going through the secluded alleyways, stopping off for a peaceful detour at the temple, and then emerging into the busy main street of Namba. It’s a stark contrast that’ll leave you thinking “Whoa, when did that happen?” And of course, you or you can have our guide take all the pictures and videos you like along the way.

The Second Round! Back Into The Fray With Some Sake!

After that, we will head to the second Izakaya where we’ll try more delicious local food such as yakitori (chicken skewers), okonomiyaki (a savory pancake made with a variety of ingredients), takoyaki (a battered ball-shaped snack made with octopus), and more! The latter two are particularly well-known specialties of Osaka. Down that with some Japanese Sake and that’ll raise it to the next level!!

The Finisher!! Ending It Strong With Stop #3 !

For many Osakans, the night doesn’t end with only one stop. There’s always an afterparty. And of course that means more drinks and more food. That’s why we’ve got one more stop to make. For the third and final venture, we’re going to head into the back streets of Namba (UraNamba) where lots of older, traditional restaurant and bars are located. You’ll be able to have sushi, sashimi, karaage (Japanese fried chicken), and plenty of meat!!

The Runback! A Different Experience The Next Time Around

Namba is a famous entertainment district that offers a wide variety of dining options. As such, there are only so many places we can take you in one night. To keep things fresh, the Izakayas won’t be exactly the same every time. If you come back for more, we hope to still provide you with something new and different.


・Please arrive ON TIME.

・According to Japanese law, you must be at least 20 years of age to consume alcohol.

・Please bring cash, as many places do not accept other forms of payment.

・Budget for each restaurant should be around 1500 ~ 3000 yen.

・Please note that many Izakaya will have a table charge called "Otoshi" or called "Tsukidashi" in Kansai area , is a small dish you’ll get served after you take a seat.

・The guide’s foods and drinks are NOT INCLUDED in the fee.

・There is NO NEED to pay for the guide’s foods and drinks.

・Please order AT LEAST one drink and one food item from each Izakaya.

・Remember to bring ID (ex: Passport).

Cancel policy

Full Refund Up To 2 Days Prior


6,000 JPY

per person

About 3hours / 1~6 Participants / English speaking guide

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