Morinaga Milk's Popular Ice Cream, Parm, Opens Cafe With Parco For a Limited Time!

Chocolate lovers, this is for you! Parm will be opening collaboration cafes at Parco branches in Ikebukuro, Nagoya, and Fukuoka for a limited time only! Be sure to swing by and savor some delicious Parm! You'll discover flavors that you can't find anywhere else.

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ParcoxParm's Collaboration Cafe Opens For a Limited Time!

The ParcoxParm Collaboration Cafe will be open for a limited time in Parco branches at Ikebukuro, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. During this period, they will serve up an original menu featuring Parm, the popular ice cream brand from Morinaga Milk. There will also be cute displays that customers can take photos with!

Beginning with Ikebukuro Parco, the cafe will be set up at Nagoya Parco and Fukuoka Parco consecutively.


ParcoxParm Collaboration Cafe

1st Stop: July 5, 2018 (Thu) - July 16, 2018 (Mon)
Cafe Address on 6F of Ikebukuro Parco Main Building

2nd Stop: July 20, 2018 (Fri) - August 5, 2018 (Sun)
Carlova 360 on 4F of Nagoya Parco East Building

3rd Stop: August 9, 2018 (Thu) - August 26, 2018 (Sun)
24/7 Cafe Apartment on 3F of Fukuoka Parco New Building

URL: (Japanese only)

The secret behind Parm's deliciousness lies in the ice cream and special chocolate coating. At this collaboration cafe, a special edition of Parm will be offered. For the first time, it will be served with a double coating of rich chocolate! Enjoy their dessert menu, which is the only place where you can savor this luxurious Parm.

They Also Have Regional Offerings!

Mixed Berry Parm

The Mixed Berry Parm (700 yen plus tax) features a sweet and sour berry sauce that goes well with the Parm. The round fruits and sauce give it a rather sweet appearance.

Double Chocolate Parm

The double chocolate Parm (700 yen plus yen) is a must-try for chocolate lovers. It features a rich caramel sauce, which gives it a stronger taste, as well as crunchy granola that adds a good amount of texture to the dish.

Orange Custard Parm

The Orange Custard Parm (700 yen plus tax) is offered exclusively at Ikebukuro Parco. It features a slightly bitter sauce made from orange peel, along with rich custard cream.

The limited edition dishes for Nagoya and Fukuoka will be announced on their official website at a later date. Here is the official website for this special collaboration: (Japanese only)

A Gigantic Parm Sofa Will Also Be Set Up at the Photo-taking Area!

During the collaboration period, a gigantic Parm sofa will be set up at the photo-taking area in Ikebukuro Parco, Nagoya Parco, and Fukuoka Parco. Parcoala, the official mascot of Parco, will also sport a new and limited-edition design, so don't forget to take some nice photos while you're there! 

Photo-taking Space Location
Ikebukuro Parco: Special Venue on 3F of the Main Building
Nagoya Parco: 4F of East Building
(Weekdays) Inside Carlova 360 on weekdays
(Holidays) Event Space on 1F of West Building
Fukuoka Parco: Inside 24/7 Cafe Apartment on 3F of New Building

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Ikebukuro Parco

Nagoya Parco

Fukuoka Parco

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  • Check out our writers’ top Japan travel ideas!

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