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Do you know the famous doll ‘Licca-chan’? Believe or not, she has been around since 1967, yet she is still very cute and young (a forever fifth grader)!  Licca-chan has been loved by many Japanese girls over the last 50 years. I’d like to introduce to you our longtime favorite doll!


Licca-chan’s History

She was born in 1967. There have been 4 updated models since then. You may notice some small differences among them.

They seemed representative of each era. For example, when the first model came out, the mini-skirt was very popular in Japan (Yes! You may recall a skinny popular English model, Twiggy). So, the first Licca-chan worn a mini-skirt.

Trendy TV dramas got their prime time in the 80’s. The most popular hair style among young ladies was long straight hair just like the 3rd model Licca-chan.  

The 4th model made a debut during the famous Japanese ‘bubble era’ which began around the 2nd half of 1986. She is not only 1cm taller than previous generations but also has a better figure.


Licca-chan’s Family & Friends

She’s got a beautiful family. Can you believe that her grandma is 56 years old?  She looks like she’s in her 20’s to me!  Licca-chan’s parents are also very young like teenagers.  As you may guess from his name her father is a French man.  So Licca-chan is 「ハーフ」, or half – half-Japanese, half-French.





 『あけまして、おめでとうございます!』 (Happy New Year!)
Oshogatsu (お正月) Version Licca-chan

Cute, eh? Here are Licca-chan’s pictures  in a beautiful kimono.

            First generation               Second generation                          

First_licca Second_licca  


   Third generation                                Fourth generation

Third_licca Fourth_licca


Want to meet with Licca-chan? Yes, you can!

The Licca-chan castle is located in Fukushima. Some famous onsen (hot spring) areas are about one hour from the castle.
There was free admission during the first few days of this year! There was also “mochitsuki” (「餅つき」mochi pounding) on both days with Licca-chan.

Opening Hours: 10:00-16:00 (enter by 15:30)
Address: 51-3, Onomachi, Tamura-gun, Fukushima Prefecture 963-3401
Phone: 0247-72-6364
Parking: Available (Japanese only)
10% off coupon (Adult 700yen → 630yen)

E9A485E381A4E3818D-thumbnail2 E9A485E381A4E3818D2-thumbnail2

Licca-chan in New ANA uniform! 

ANA (All Nippon Airways) will debut its 10th uniform on Feb 1, 2015.  The dolls below are now on sale on ANA flights (domestic/international) as well as online.

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