World's First Floating Glass?! Here Comes the Levitating Cup!

Pre-orders for the floating magical glass called "Levitating Cup" have just started on the crowdfunding website, Green Funding. Early birds can get a 20% - 38% discount, but this discount only applies to a limited number of people!



About the Magical Glass That Floats in Mid-Air

The "Levitating Cup" is a glass created to "make you experience the otherworldly in an ordinary world". 

The glass floats steadily in the air as if by magic, thanks to an advanced technology called "electromagnetic suspension". Don't miss this chance for a miraculous experience like you've never had before!


As soon as you put the glass in place, you'll go "wow" at how quickly it balances out.

You can use the magic glass to make your surprising present even more special. 

Of course, you can safely pour any liquid into the glass, even while it is floating, to make your drink enjoyable not only in taste, but also aesthetically. 

Whether it's for your own entertainment or to surprise a special person, how about getting one of these phenomenal glasses? 

Order yours here!

GREEN FUNDING (Japanese Only)

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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