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Dear Japanese learners…

Thank you for choosing my beautiful language, Japanese.
Japanese language is so different from other languages and I hear it’s one of the most difficult languages to learn.
But I promise. It’s really fun to learn. It’s fun because it’s different!

As I am a Japanese teacher, I wish I could see each of you and teach Japanese. I love my language. But since it’s not possible, I’ll suggest some good ways to study Japanese.

Finding a tutor or taking Japanese lessons are the best, of course.
But if you live in a rural area, you might be unable to find a teacher or a class, and if you are really busy, it would be difficult to fix your time.

Having a language exchange partner is also great.
I do language exchanging with my friends and it’s always really fun to meet them and study together. And it’s free! Yeah!

Or, you can study by yourself.
Yet you really have to be careful when you study Japanese by yourself, because some Japanese textbooks are too old-fashioned or not natural.

But don’t worry. I know some good websites for Japanese learners which I really want to recommend you, and the best thing is, they are completely free!

For starters/beginners

If you are just about to start learning Japanese, or if you are still a beginner, I recommend “U-biq”.

The good thing is that they have an English page! So you can start studying Japanese even you still can’t read anything in the language.

On U-biq, first you study the letters.
Then you can learn the basics, like the words, sentence patterns and grammars.
They have 77 lessons and it’s really helpful!

After you finish learning the basics

When you finish U-biq or you’ve already learned the basics, you can study on the Language Modules that Tokyo University of Foreign Studies offers.
Since everything is in Japanese on the website, you must be able to read in Japanese.

It has 44 lessons with videos and covers the basics of daily conversations, so it’ll help a lot when you visit Japan!

On this website, you can role play, read aloud and you can also try dictation.

For intermediate learners

This news website is perfect for studying Japanese since all the sentences are simple and they explain the meanings of the words which might be too difficult for non-Japanese.

Also, you can listen to the audio and it’s not too fast, so it’s good for the learners who are still not fluent.

If you are already on the intermediate level, check out “NEWS WEB EASY”!

For advanced Japanese speakers

If your Japanese is advanced, please try NHK NEWS WEB.

It’s just a regular news website, but since NHK is a broadcasting company, they have the same videos of the news which they broadcast on TV.

You know what that means? Even if you can’t read some kanji on the news, you can listen and check the words!

And news announcers speak clearly with very standard Japanese, so it’s good for all Japanese learners, and it’ll really help you to improve your Japanese.

If you study with anime or something like that, they might have strong accents or they might speak anime/otaku Japanese. If you speak otaku Japanese, it might lead to misunderstanding because some people don’t understand the meanings of the otaku words.

So it’s good if you learn standard Japanese!

(It’s fun to learn otaku Japanese but use it among otaku people!)

Let’s enjoy learning Japanese!

My Japanese class

Studying Japanese is really fun.
I hope you like my beautiful language!
Let’s enjoy learning Japanese!

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