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It’s located in Osaka’s Hokusetsu district, shown on this map in dark pink.

▼How to get there from Hankyuu Umeda Station (JR Osaka Station)

[By train]
Ride the Hankyuu Takarazuka Line until Ishibashi Station.
From Ishibashi, get on Hankyuu Minoo Line to Minoo Station.

Ride the Midousuji line until Senri Chuuou Station.
From the Senri Chuuou Station, ride the Hankyuu Bus to Minoo Station.

Arrive at the Hankyuu Minoo Station

Minoo Station

Let’s climb towards the waterfall.

Depart from Minoo Station, located on the lower left part of the map, then go to the upper right part, the Minoo Waterfall. It takes about 40 minutes by foot. The distance is about 2.7 kilometers.

40 minutes is quite long but the atmosphere in the area is very clean. You can feel refreshed walking with the people who are also going to the waterfall.

You can keep pushing forward thanks to the sight of such beautiful red leaves.

Minoo is also famous for a lot of wild monkeys. There are monkeys in the middle of the road from time to time. Do not give any food to them.

You can gradually see the waterfall as you near it!

It is a very beautiful waterfall. It is worth it to walk for 40 minutes just to see it.
The Minoo waterfall is the only one selected for “Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls” located in Osaka.

The “Minoo Otaki” was the only waterfall in Osaka that ranked in “Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls.” It has been said that Oda Nobunaga stopped by during the Warring States.

You won’t be able to see the autumnal leaves, but the Otaki also lights up to match nearby events during the summer.

Let’s eat a well known Minoo specialty that surprises even the Japanese!

Momiji tempura

When you think souvenirs from Minoo, then it is definitely the momiji tempura. Momiji is the Japanese word for “autumn leaves.” The taste is different from normal tempura because it’s sweet and contains sesame. It’s called tempura, but it’s more like Japanese sweets using momiji.

So… Let’s drink!

There is a local beer in Minoo. In fact, this Minoo beer has won not only competitions within the country but has also been awarded with prestigious prizes in the US and UK. The beer label on the bottom right with the monkey brings out the local feeling.

Our Minoo beer is nurtured with the richness of nature and all the beers are unfiltered and non-heated. Bottling without filtering the yeast not only gives it a rich flavor, but also creates a beer that is good for health and beauty. Please enjoy our original beer.

Bring home a Minoo Hello Kitty♪

There is also a local Hello Kitty in Minoo! The Minoo Hello Kitty wears a monkey costume and holds maple leaves. How about this as a memory of your travels?

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