[Recommended for Couples, Women, and During a Trip to Namba, Osaka] Let's Go Go-Karting!! A 2 Hour Go-Kart Course

AkibaKart is the first go-kart rental shop where you can rent a go-kart to go driving on public roads without a helmet. The city of Osaka as a whole is quite playful and particularly fond of adventurousness, so you’re sure to be a popular figure while riding past the city’s people on an AkibaKart.
*Requires a standard driver's license ※Overseas tourists must bring an International Driving Permit based on the 1949 Geneva Convention and a passport. ※Please note that foreign nationals residing in Japan cannot use an International Driving Permit.

An Experience Exclusive to Japan

Cosplay (costume play) and go-karting are all the more fun with others! Go-karting through the city is an exciting way to break from the standard norms of recreational activities with a unique kind of get-together. Going in a group is highly recommended!
(*There are 8 karts in total)

Flexible with Low-Cost, Short-Term Plans!

If you want to try it out but 2 hours feels a little long for you, then no worries! AkibaKart also introduced a 30-minute course for the summer break season.

Basic Information


From 7,000 yen