[Tokyo/Taito-ku] A Casual Tea Ceremony Class: Learn the Formal Techniques of Preparing Tea in an Authentic Tea Room

After receiving tea prepared by the teacher in the traditional manner, you’ll move to the counter seats to prepare your own tea.
Afterwards, you’ll enjoy some seasonal Japanese sweets and fruits.

The practice of the tea ceremony is not just about drinking tea, and it presents an opportunity to learn about some of Japan’s traditional cultural values.
After receiving the tea prepared by the teacher according the traditional customs, you’ll get to prepare your own tea as well.

Contents of the Tea Ceremony Experience

After you have a dried sweet, the tea ceremony teacher will prepare some tea for you.
Up to 4 regular customers will be seated in the tea room.
Reservations are first come, first served (however, other guests will be taken first if you're late to arrive).
Other tea ceremony teachers will also be serving tea to guests other than the 4 people in the tea room.

Experience Further

Prepare your own tea according to tea ceremony practices!
A teacher will walk you through every step

Basic Information


From 5,000 yen