[Tokyo/Taito-ku] Learn How to Make the Hugely Popular Nigiri Sushi! An Authentic Nigiri Sushi-Making Experience!

Of all the different dishes in Japanese cuisine, nigiri sushi (hand-formed sushi) is probably the most well known. In this class, you’ll be taught how to prepare nigiri sushi using ingredients like seasonal fish and vegetables under the instruction of a professional chef.

Sushi-making experiences are among the most sought-after activities by visitors to Japan.
Although famous sushi restaurants and casual, budget-friendly kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi restaurants are highly popular, why not try a hands-on experience of learning to form the rice with your own hands at Kujo Tokyo?

A veteran sushi chef with years of training at a famous establishment will walk you through the entire sushi-making process. How about making your own handmade sushi dinner for the night? 
The entire experience has the potential to be an unforgettable memory of your vacation in Japan.
In addition to fresh seafood, you’ll also have a chance to make and eat vegetable sushi as well.

[Experience] Making sushi

[Meal] Nigiri sushi, clear soup or miso soup

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From 6,000 yen