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How to even begin describing Tokyo, Shinjuku’s aptly-named Robot Restaurant? It’s both completely what you’d expect and totally different from what you probably have in mind! Let’s start with the basics and get down to the weird stuff (as if there’s any normal stuff to begin with). Is this the kind of place that puts the “daft” in “Daft Punk,” or is it just cute? With apologies to one of my favorite bands for that last pun: Decide for yourself!

Um…”Nice Knockers.”

photo by gruntzooki on Flickr

It’s sort of Tron-ish 

Whether you’re a fan of the Tron movies or not (I am), you’ve got the picture—this restaurant features flashing lights, lasers and cool-but-clunky robots galore lurching around the place. But that’s just the, er, tip of the icebot.

Like the movie, yes?

photo by  scotted400 on Flickr

Lasers and robots, ‘nuff said

photo by scotted400 on Flickr

It’s surprisingly kid-friendly

Sure, you can fight with these robots—but apparently it’s all in fun, especially for little tikes who want to get in a punch or two just like in that Hugh Jackman flick about boxing robots that nobody saw. In my search for images for this blog, I even saw an image of one of my favorite SF writers, to remain unnamed, cavorting happily with his children there. If it’s safe enough for gods like him, it may be OK for your children too—maybe.

Beat this, Hugh Jackman!

photo by scotted400 on Flickr


It has Girls, Girls and More Girls

Methinks this the point of the whole enterprise. 😉 The fact that many the females involved are musically inclined just puts it into Vegas-esque territory, at least from what I’ve seen. Whether you enjoy this sort of thing, or if it just compels you to sigh while shaking your head, you can be assured that in Japan, robots are still seen as cute, friendly and often sexy. Let’s check out some of the, er, festivities.

A virtual-oso performance

photo by scotted400 on Flickr

Admit it: Better than She-Ra (and she was hot)

photo by scotted400 on Flickr

Bionic Women at War

photo  by gruntzooki on Flickr

Just Terminating on the Drums, aren’t they?

photo by scotted400 on Flickr

Getting into the Cyber-swing of things

 photo by scotted400 on Flickr

I really don’t know about the food at the Robot Restaurant, although I heard they do actually serve some. My advice is to check it out for yourself—and come away never thinking of robots in the same way again!

Here’s a video.  If you take a look at the video you will be able to get a better overall idea

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