Popular Sushi Chain "Kura Sushi" Introduces the New Strawberry Shortcake Parfait and Hot Brown Sugar Tapioca Milk Tea!

Kura Sushi is one of their biggest kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) chains, boasting over 400 locations across the nation. Here you can get the delicious Japanese classic for just 100 yen (excl. tax) per plate. But that's not all! Their menu also has many different side dishes. Kura Sushi also places a lot of importance on entertainment, which is why they’ve introduced the Bikkura-Pon game where you enter into a prize-drawing after accumulating a set number of empty plates. They’ve also recently launched the new Kura Royal brand of sweets and desserts made from the finest ingredients. In this article, we’ll be bringing you a report from the pre-launch event celebrating Kura Sushi’s upcoming winter menu offerings: the Strawberry Shortcake Parfait and the Hot Brown Sugar Tapioca Milk Tea!

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Varied Sushi and Side Dish Menus That Foodies Can Take Delight In

Kura Sushi is a revolving sushi bar chain with over 400 locations in Japan as well as branches in Taiwan and the US. Their best-known feature is their price. Starting from just 100 yen (excl. tax) per plate, Kura Sushi offers delicious food at unbeatable prices. You won’t find deals like this anywhere else!

The chain boasts over 100 varieties of sushi toppings, and their extensive side menu is also very impressive. It includes noodle dishes, topped rice, fried foods, and desserts. With so much to choose from, your stomach will never get bored of Kura Sushi.

Not Just Delicious but Also Fun and Entertaining!

After accumulating five empty plates, guests can win original Kura Sushi goods via the Bikkura-Pon gachapon game (toy/item vending machines). Not only that, but Kura Sushi also uses an express lane system (different than your regular conveyor belt) to deliver the food that you order off the touch screen right to your table. (Please note, though, that not all Kura Sushi locations offer this service.) As a bonus, the booths at Kura Sushi are very spacious, so even if you’re popping in for something to eat with loads of souvenirs in tow, you won’t have any trouble finding a place to put down your belongings. 

From delicious food to fun in-store entertainment, Kura Sushi has something for everyone, including families with children, groups of friends, and tourists from abroad.

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Rich Desserts at Affordable Prices!

Kura Sushi already offers so much, but they’re not done growing yet. Since September 2019, they’ve been coming out with new delicious sweets and desserts using only the finest ingredients as part of their new Kura Royal brand. 

tsunagu Japan’s editorial team had the pleasure of sampling some of those desserts at the promotional pop up stand that opened up in Shibuya, Tokyo between December 8 and 9, 2019, before the official launch of the new menu! The event attracted many people thanks to the free samples of their original desserts.

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The Strawberry Shortcake Parfait Looks and Tastes Great!

We’re going to start the review by talking about the Strawberry Shortcake Parfait served in a Santa-themed cup, which is topped with creamy, tart strawberry ice cream, fresh strawberries, cream puffs, waffles, and a piece of white chocolate with the Kura Royal logo on it. Try eating the strawberry ice cream together with the fresh strawberries to create an unforgettably rich symphony of flavor! The middle layer consists of a soft sponge and whipped cream that melts in your mouth, while the lower layer has fresh mixed berries that will send your taste buds to heaven. All these rich flavors are available for just 480 yen (excl. tax)!

The dessert will be available at Kura Sushi restaurants for a limited time between December 13 and 26, 2019. Each store will only serve 20 parfaits per day, so if you want to try one, you should get to the restaurant as soon as it opens. By the way, if you are planning on trying one, make sure you don’t overindulge on sushi first. Trust us, this parfait will fill you up quickly!


Try the Fragrant Hot Brown Sugar Tapioca Milk Tea!

This hot tapioca tea is Kura Sushi’s other new offering, perfect for those cold winter days. Japan is still experiencing an unprecedented bubble tea boom, with more and more tapioca shops catering to young people being opened throughout Tokyo. And now, this also includes Kura Sushi! This drink is the real thing. Hot tapioca milk tea with brown sugar, topped with sweet whipped cream and sprinkled with gold foil for that extra touch of class. Here’s the best part: all this luxury will only cost you 390 yen (excl. tax).

Before you order the drink, though, let’s talk more about tapioca. We actually thought that the tapioca in the hot milk tea would get too soft and wouldn't taste good, but we couldn’t have been more wrong. Kura Sushi’s hot brown sugar tapioca milk tea is rich and fragrant, and while the outside of the tapioca itself is soft, the insides are sticky, making the entire thing delicious.

This drink will only be available between January 24 and February 6, 2020. Just like with the parfait, each store will only serve 20 of these teas per day

Tokyo Stores

Kura Sushi Website: http://www.kura-corpo.co.jp/en/


Kura Royal plans to unveil new products every two weeks, so even if you don’t get the chance to try the parfait or bubble tea, you can still look forward to their upcoming offerings. So, the next time you are in Japan, why not check out what delicious treats await you at Kura Sushi, the place that combines delicious Japanese classics like sushi with amazing desserts and fun services that make a meal there that much more special? See you there!


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