Embrace Your Inner Ninja or Perform a Japanese Tea Ceremony With This Interactive Experience in Hinode, Tokyo

If you're a fan of Japanese culture, you're probably quite familiar with tales of skilled ninjas sneaking silently in the dark or Japanese nobility sipping tea in their pristine, colorful kimono. Have you ever closed your eyes and imagined living a day in their shoes? In the western Tokyo town of Hinode, you can make this a reality with Voyagin's Kimono or Ninja Costume Photoshoot or Tea Ceremony in Hinode tour. From battling with katana to exploring bamboo groves, read on to discover everything this fantastic experience has to offer.

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Admire Japan's Nature and History in Hinode, Tokyo

Though just an hour and a half from downtown Tokyo, the town of Hinode feels worlds apart from the bustling city. Nestled among the foothills of the Okutama Mountains, it's home to lush forests, traditional Japanese buildings, and a blue river which runs across the entire prefecture to the Tokyo Bay. For those looking for a break from the crowds and non-stop pace of Tokyo, Hinode is perfect for a day trip or weekend getaway.

Of course, nature isn't the only attractive point of a countryside area like Hinode. Another beauty of the area is the deeper sense of historical connection one can find here. More so than the large modern cities, Japan’s traditional culture feels close at hand as you soak up that atmosphere. It becomes even more of a tangible experience if you spend such time in traditional Japanese clothing.

While rental shops for such clothes can be found throughout Japan, Voyagin's "Kimono or Ninja Costume Photoshoot or Tea Ceremony in Hinode" experience allows visitors to truly immerse themselves in the role. Guests will get to visit a masterfully preserved 140-year-old building where they can wear kimono, yukata, or even ninja costumes as they take part in guided activities with English-speaking instructors.

The following is a breakdown of the various activities on offer.

Princess Experience

If you’ve ever looked at photos of Japanese women in beautiful, ornate kimono and dreamed of wearing one yourself, the Princess Experience is the perfect fit for you. It takes place in a traditional building that is often used as a filming location for historical movies and TV shows, making it the perfect backdrop for a stunning kimono or yukata photo shoot. From the dark wooden accents to the tatami mat floors, its authentic details will leave you feeling as though you've traveled back in time. Afterwards, take a stroll through the nearby Japanese garden and explore its towering bamboo grove.

Ninja Experience

Who hasn’t imagined themselves as a stealthy, acrobatic ninja at one point or another? As part of the Ninja Experience, your dream can become a reality. Once in costume, instructors will introduce the history of ninjutsu before guiding you in the art of throwing shuriken (ninja stars). In the dojo, enjoy target practice with the ninja’s favorite long-range weapon, the blowgun. Lastly, no ninja experience would be complete without wielding a katana! With a sword in hand, visitors can even try their hand at tate (Japanese theatrical sword fighting).

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Tea Ceremony Experience

When it comes to traditional Japanese experiences, taking part in a traditional tea ceremony is just about as quintessential as it gets. Once a special occasion reserved solely for the wealthiest members of society, Japanese tea ceremonies are now accessible to all interested visitors. Guests will get to sit in the tea room of a 140-year-old building and enjoy freshly prepared matcha (powdered green tea) and traditional Japanese sweets known as "wagashi". For a fully immersive experience, visitors can also wear rented kimono throughout the ceremony.


Experience Various Forms of Traditional Japanese Culture with Voyagin

For those interested in adding a more traditional experience to their Tokyo vacation, a trip to Hinode could be just the thing. At just an hour and a half from downtown Tokyo, you can experience the best of Japan, both old and new, with this incredible Voyagin tour.

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