karaksa hotel colors Tokyo Yaesu: A New Accommodation Option for Group Travel

Tokyo Station is one of the most well-known transport hubs in Tokyo, providing access to nearly every part of Japan via the shinkansen, express buses, and a variety of other train lines. As such, it's a popular location for international tourists visiting Tokyo. In this article, we'll be introducing karaksa hotel colors Tokyo Yaesu, a hotel located just in front of Tokyo Station that newly opened on March 31, 2023. It offers a colorful design, spacious guest rooms, and family-friendly amenities and services that are perfect for groups looking for a comfortable and relaxing stay while in Tokyo.

*This article was sponsored by karaksa hotel.

About karaksa hotel

karaksa hotel is a hotel brand that does its utmost to provide comfort and convenience for sightseers, with its seven hotels across Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hokkaido located in busy downtown areas and near train stations for maximum accessibility. Each hotel's interior has a stylish, simple aesthetic infused with modern Japanese touches, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable stay for guests.

What Is "karaksa"?

While “kusa” in Japanese normally means “grass,” the word “karakusa” isn’t actually a type of grass. Rather, it is a traditional Japanese motif consisting of intertwining plant stems that since long ago has been treasured as a symbol of growth, prosperity, and intangible bonds.

The brand logo of karaksa hotel combines this karakusa motif with the traditional Japanese “tomoe” (a shape that looks like swirling water) and “magatama” (another shape that looks like the letter C) designs to express growth and development, as well as partnerships and nobility of spirit. Their desire to build a hotel brand that’ll be loved across generations, as fresh and supple as the karakusa arabesque itself, fills every inch of it.

karaksa hotel colors Tokyo Yaesu: Newly Opened in March 2023

Perfect Location Near Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is a bustling transport hub served by the JR and Tokyo Metro railways, offering easy access to the city's popular tourist destinations as well as neighboring prefectures. The famous shinkansen (bullet train) also goes through this station, connecting travelers to all parts of Japan. As one of Japan's busiest train stations, Tokyo Station caters to more than 450,000 passengers daily.

On the west side of Tokyo Station lies Marunouchi, a financial district with buildings that have a classic red brick exterior and a charming European vibe. On the east side, you'll find First Avenue Tokyo Station, home to Tokyo Ramen Street and Tokyo Character Street, along with various other underground shopping areas. There is also Yaesu, where you'll find one of Japan's largest bus terminals. All of this makes Tokyo Station an ideal location for shopping, dining, and transferring between train stations.

karaksa hotel colors Tokyo Yaesu is a 6-minute walk from the Yaesu Central exit of JR Tokyo Station. If you decide to use the underground passage, exit from the Yaesu Central underground ticket gate, go through Tokyo Station's First Avenue, and go up to the surface from Exit 23 of Yaechika's 1st Street. It's a straight walk, about 2 minutes to arrive. Since the way is mostly covered, the hotel is easy to get to even on rainy days.

Plenty of Options for Families and Large Groups Traveling Together

karaksa hotel colors Tokyo Yaesu has a total of 95 rooms, with eight different room options to match a variety of needs. The options include spacious twin/double rooms and triple rooms that all measure around 21 m², as well as wide twin and quadruple rooms measuring over 30 m² that are perfect for families traveling together. Some of the rooms come with expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that offer city views, and to make your stay even more comfortable as well as entertaining, a select few are even equipped with washer/dryers and projectors.

The entire karaksa hotel brand pays particular care and attention to ensuring the best stay for families and groups of people traveling together, but what sets the Tokyo Yaesu branch apart from the rest is its 52 connecting rooms, which can be arranged in a variety of ways to fit the needs of each group. For example, you can have two adjacent triple rooms or a twin room right next to a triple room - whatever the combination, in total, a set of connecting rooms can accommodate up to six people. These connecting rooms feature an inner door that allows groups to spend time together while also maintaining some privacy. This design is unique among Tokyo hotels and caters to a variety of accommodation needs.

For families traveling with children, karaksa hotel's official website offers a limited number of special plans to meet your variety of needs. For more information, please visit: https://karaksahotels.com/en/family/

Spacious and Comfortable Guest Rooms

Typical Japanese hotels tend to put the bathroom, sink, and toilet all in the same room, but at karaksa hotel, most of them have their own separate space. This means everyone can get ready for the day at a much faster speed than usual - maybe a father can take a shower while his wife gets ready at the sink and their child uses the toilet, for example. While the bathrooms at karaksa hotel don’t have tubs, some of the showers come with benches so that you can adjust the shower head to enjoy a rain or waterfall shower.

If you choose a connecting room, up to six people can even share two bathrooms instead of just one, resulting in a more comfortable and stress-free stay.

To ensure a great night's sleep, each guest room has custom-made mattresses and luxuriously soft pillows. But if you prefer memory foam pillows, you can easily borrow them from the front desk.

*They only have a limited quantity of memory foam pillows. If you wish to use one, please inquire at the front desk.

A Little Thoughtfulness for Guests' Comfort

To ensure your safety, the elevators at karaksa hotel are designed to only operate with a room card. The elevator will also only stop at the floor corresponding to the room card, which provides peace of mind as it prevents access by outsiders.

The guest rooms are also equipped with everything you need for an amazing stay: large-screen TVs, air purifiers with humidifying functions, refrigerators, electric kettles, capsule coffee makers, mugs, hair dryers, toothbrushes, and more. Some rooms even feature a drum-type washing machine for long-term guests who need to do laundry. Hair ties, razors, combs, cotton pads, and swabs are also available near the front desk on the first floor if needed.

*Large-screen TVs and capsule coffee machines are available only in select rooms.

Guests can, of course, enjoy free Wi-Fi in all of the guest rooms. Most rooms also have travel adapters and converters, so you don't have to worry about mismatched plugs or voltage - a great perk for international travelers.

The hotel also features an automatic self check-in and check-out system that supports five languages: Japanese, English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and Korean. Even better, the staff at the front desk are multilingual and are more than happy to assist you should you encounter any problems during your stay. None of them speak your language? Don't worry, the hotel has a remote video call system with professional translators, so you can receive assistance in your language at any time.

In addition, they offer free baggage storage service before check-in and after check-out, allowing guests to enjoy sightseeing without carrying any heavy bags.

*The automatic check-in/check-out systems are not available at karaksa hotel premier Tokyo Ginza and karaksa hotel Kyoto I.
*As a general rule, the baggage storage service is for same-day pickup. However, if you have another stay scheduled at the same hotel, you can continue to have your bags stored at the hotel free of charge.

Hearty Breakfast and Lounge Services

For many travelers, having a satisfying breakfast to kick off the day is essential. At karaksa hotel colors Tokyo Yaesu, guests can indulge in a delicious breakfast served in the second-floor lounge. Based on the concept of a "food market," the breakfast is served buffet style with a diverse selection of items, including bread, bagels, seasonal salads, homemade muffins, desserts, soups, and savory foods. The menu is updated daily to ensure that guests staying for multiple nights can enjoy something new each day.

There's more to enjoy than just breakfast! During lounge hours (1:00 pm to 10:00 pm), light meals such as bread and non-alcoholic drinks like coffee and juice are available. Additionally, if you purchase a drink card, you can choose from a selection of alcoholic drinks like red wine, white wine, and sake. Upon check-in, the staff will provide instructions on how to use the drink machines and get the most out of the experience.

Parents can also relax in the lounge while their children play freely in the kids' space. It's the perfect way to unwind.

Other karaksa hotels in Tokyo

In addition to the previously introduced karaksa hotel colors Tokyo Yaesu, there are two other hotels in Tokyo: karaksa hotel TOKYO STATION and karaksa hotel premier Tokyo Ginza. Each of these hotels is conveniently located near a train station, providing easy access to the city's attractions. They have different offerings, so select the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

karaksa hotel TOKYO STATION

Located just a 5-minute walk from the Yaesu North Exit of Tokyo Station, the hotel offers a range of room options, including the Standard Twin rooms, Family Triple rooms, connecting rooms, and even Japanese family rooms. If you are looking to experience tatami straw mats and Japanese-style futon bedding, we recommend booking a Japanese family room.

karaksa hotel premier Tokyo Ginza

If you're looking for a luxurious stay, karaksa hotel premier Tokyo Ginza is the perfect place for you. It is conveniently located just a 6-minute walk from Shimbashi Station and 10 minutes from Ginza Station. You can enjoy a great view of Ginza, Tokyo's upscale shopping area, from the rooms on the upper floors. The hotel also offers custom-made mattresses and breakfast service delivered directly to your room.


In short, karaksa hotel colors Tokyo Yaesu is highly recommended for those who are looking to visit Japan with close friends or family. Make sure to add it to your list when searching for the right hotel! We're sure a stay here will only make your trip that much better.


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