[Latest News!] New No-Melt "Kanazawa Ice" Store Opening! Get Your Popular Character Ice Cream!

Everyone is going crazy over Kanazawa Ice's special ice cream that doesn't melt. Luckily, a new store has just opened in Aeon Mall Makuhari New City Branch, a mall rather close to Tokyo! It just opened on April 27th, 2018, so if you're a keen follower of current trends, do pay it a visit!

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What Is No-Melt Ice Cream?

If you keep up to date with the latest trends, you've probably already heard of no-melt ice cream. First created in Higashiyama, Kanazawa, this ice cream is perfect for hot summer days, as even at a temperature of 40°C (104°F), the ice cream maintains its shape for 3 hours while the soft serves can withstand the heat for 30 minutes! What prevents it from melting is a proprietary ingredient called "Strawberry Polyphenol", developed in collaboration with Kanazawa University in Ishikawa Prefecture. How cool is that?!

There's Also Ice Cream of Popular Characters!!

Taking advantage of its slow rate of melting, they also make creative and cute ice cream sculptures of various offcial mascots and cartoon characters. For example, the one in the first picture is an ice cream in the shape of Gudetama, while the second is one of Hello Kitty. They're so instagrammable! So cute, you'd almost feel bad eating them!

There Are Other Delicious Ice Cream Desserts!

Aside from their popular mascot-themed ice creams and soft serve (300 yen), another renowned item you definitely have to try is the Burning Soft Cream (700 yen). The above picture shows their delicious strawberry topped Ice Cake (1,200 yen). The refreshing sourness of fruit and the sweetness of ice cream are just the perfect combo.

This is the Mini Ice Cupcake (400 yen).

This is their Ice Fondue (600 yen), an item that wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for their special no-melt ice cream. All their products are served in such cute ways, making them perfect subjects for your snaps! Plus, most importantly, they're super tasty!!

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Partner Stores of Kanazawa Ice

Kanazawa Branch, Ishikawa

Harajuku Takeshita-dori Branch, Tokyo

Amerikamura Branch, Osaka

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