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Kalahaai featuring the energic performances by Okinawa’s own Rinken Band.
Riken Band has entertained millions of fans for more than 30 years, since they started performing.

Kalahaai is located on the coast side of Mihama American Villege.
Everyone can enjoy live music performances by Rinken Band and tinktink. You can also enjoy Okinawan food in a cozy atmosphere.

Don’t miss the unique and energetic shows!

Rinken Band

Rinken Band is an Okinawan band that helped popularize their homeland’s musical forms.

Rinken Band was founded by Rinken Teruya, the son of well-known Okinawan folk music artist Rinsuke Teruya.

The band fuses Okinawan folk music, pops, and celebratory eisa traditions to make ballads and dance tunes. They still perform Okinawan traditional folk songs too, so you can enjoy both modern Okinawan music and traditional ones.

They perform at Kalahaai every Saturday and since they are so popular, you need to make a reservation before you go.

★Rinken Band Special Live★
Starts at 8 p.m. on Saturdays
music charges- adult/¥3,500 -child/¥1,500
(Does not include food or drinks)(※Reservation required)
At Okinawawan Music “Kalahaai”
8-11 Mihama, Chatan-cho, Okinawa
Tel: 098-982-7077

Tink Tink

Tink Tink is a girls band in Okinawa and they study music from Rinken Teruya.
They sing and dance to the Okinawan sounds and they are super cute!
They have a regular TV show in Okinawa and they are local idols.

★Tink Tink Live Shows★

Moday – Friday
music charges 
(Does not include food or drinks)
OPEN / 18:00
1st performance 19:00 – 19:45
2nd performance 20:30 – 21:15

How to dance kachaashii?

At the end of the performances, they always do kachaashii with all the customers there. Kachaashii is a dance that Okinawan people do when they are happy.

The dance is executed with the hands in the air, palm flat for women and curled (or in fists) for men.
The hands alternate in a pulling and pushing, up and down elliptical motion, one hand facing outward and up while the other is facing inward and down. The steps are mostly improvised.

Try kachaashii and enjoy together with other people there!

I’ve introduced only Kalahaai, but there are just so many music bars and love houses in Okinawa. I hope you find the one you like!

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