[Tokyo/Taito-ku] Join in the Vegan Boom with a Healthy Ramen & Gyoza Making Experience

Interest in vegan cuisine is rapidly picking up internationally, so here you have an opportunity to try making some Japanese vegan dishes. In this class, you’ll be making your own ramen and gyoza (dumplings). Kujo Tokyo lives up to its reputation for excellent cooking classes with a premier selection of carefully selected ingredients.

There’s no doubt that ramen is the most popular food that people want to try when visiting Japan.
However, if you’re either vegan or perhaps a little reluctant to go for the thick ramen broths made with animal fats, then this class is perfect for you.
Vegan cuisine has lately been surging in popularity because of its many health, beauty, and lifestyle benefits.

You may wonder if it's actually possible to make delicious ramen when you’re not only making it without meat and fish, but also with no eggs, dairy, or honey. Any doubts will melt away with one spoonful of the richly flavored broth.
You’ll also be making gyoza to complement it.

[What’s included in the experience] Make your own unique miso ramen by choosing how you mix 3 types of miso and leek oil

[Meal Contents] Vegan miso ramen, organic green tea

Basic Information


From 6,000 yen