Japan’s 10 Most Heart-Stopping Suspension Bridges

Come and get to know Japan’s famous suspension bridges that will make your adrenaline pump super fast.


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Japan, an archipelago that is surrounded by a rich and beautiful sea, is also blessed with many beautiful hills and mountains. Due to its rolling hills with deep valleys and rivers that run through it, Japan contains many suspension bridges. For those who would like to have a heart-stopping experience, we would recommend you to visit the following bridges and take in the impressive scenery around it.

1. Yume no Tsuribashi Suspension Bridge (Shizuoka, Kawanehoncho)

Morigen/Wikimedia Commons


When you make your way to Sumatakyo Gorge in Shizuoka to catch a glimpse of this suspension bridge, you will probably agree to why this bridge has been voted as the [Top 100 Things in Nature to Preserve in the 21st Century] and the [Top 100 New Sightseeing Spots in Japan]. It is said that if you make a wish for love in the middle of the bridge your wish will come true. There are hiking courses available for those, who enjoy the outdoors.

Sumatakyo Gorge and Onsen Guide: http://www.sumatakyo-spa.com/ (Japanese only)

2. Amehata no Tsuribashi Suspension Bridge (Yamanashi, Minamikoma District)

This suspension bridge that stretches across the Amehata Lake in Yamanashi’s Minamikoma District will make your heart leap out. This 120 meter long bridge is suspended all alone in mid-air. Walking on it would feel like you are walking on air with not support at all. The bridge is made of wood and as it is an old bridge, you can’t help but notice that the nails and gold furnishings have rusted. For those who are looking for a thrill, we definitely recommend you to take a walk on this scary-looking bridge.

Recommended courses: http://www.symphony-cruise.co.jp/event/15spr_haneda/

3. Hashidate Suspension Bridge (Shizuoka, Ito)

Batholith/Wikimedia Commons

トトト/Wikimedia Commons

Along a hiking course at Hashidate, stands a majestic suspension bridge that is 18m tall and 60m long over a rugged terrain. While you walk across the bridge, you’ll have light splashes of water over you and your heart will be pumping slightly faster just because you are so high up over some dangerous-looking rocks but don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful view of the pine tress that are planted all around the area.

Natura Study Walking Course at Hashidate Coast:http://www.izunet.jp/asobu/warking-map/it-014.htm

4. Kokonoe’s Yume Ootsuribashi (Oita, Kusu District)


Your breath will be taken away with the spectacular panoramic view here. This suspension bridge is also known as the “Walkway to Heaven”. This is Japan’s first suspension bridge that is used as a walkway and it is 390m long and 173m tall. From the bridge, you will be able to enjoy two of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls, which are Shindo Falls and Odaki Falls.

Official Website http://www.yumeooturihashi.com/

5. Zaoh Bridge (Wakayama, Arida District) 

BetacommandBot/Wikimedia Commons

Zaoh Bridge is 160m long and is painted in a beautiful deep red color making it so ever striking. As it is suspended above Aridagawa’s Futagawa Dam, visitors on this suspension bridge would actually feel that the bridge is suspended higher than its recorded height. Because of this, many visitors are unable to cross the bridge completely as it is an experience not for the faint of heart. This is a popular spot during spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom but regardless of when you decide to come to Wakayama, we definitely suggest that you make your way to this bridge to take in its beauty and its surroundings.

Aridagawa Sightseeing Guide https://www.town.aridagawa.lg.jp/top/kanko/mokuteki/keikan_meisyo/1942.html

6. Tanize no Tsuribashi Suspension Bridge (Nara, Yoshino District)

Nkns/Wikimedia Commons

Tamago Moffle/Flickr

This suspension bridge that connects Uenoji and Tanize is 29m long and 54m tall. It is a very narrow bridge and its width only accommodates two pedestrians. Due to its height and length, the bridge shakes quite a lot when you walk on it making the experience very scary. It is definitely no small feat for those who were able to cross over completely.

Totsukawamura Sightseeing Guide http://totsukawa.info/joho/kanko/

7. Kinutateiwa Ootsuribashi Suspension Bridge (Tochigi, Nikko)

掬茶/Wikimedia Commons

After touring around Kinugawa Onsen, you should make time to get over to this suspension bridge that is 140m long and 40m tall and it is specially used as a walkway for pedestrians. Near the suspension bridge, stands the spectacular Tateiwa Rock that is 70m tall. At the top of this big boulder there is a viewing deck for visitors to catch the view of the surroundings.

Nikko Sightseeing Guide http://www.nikko-kankou.org/spot/41/

8. Minobashi Bridge (Gifu, Mino City)

Alpsdake/Wikimedia Commons

Completed in August of 1916, this 113m–long bridge is one of Japan’s oldest surviving suspension bridge and it is now recognized as a important national heritage. Suspended at the bend of Nagara River, this suspension bridge offers its visitors unforgettable breathtaking views.

Mino City Sightseeing Guide  http://www.mino-city.jp/jp/tourist/construction12.html

9. Iya no Kazura Bridge (Tokushima, Miyoshi City)

Glabb/Wikimedia Commons

Glabb/Wikimedia Commons

Just by looking at it, it will send chills down your spine. This suspension bridge is build from a vine tree that is indigenous to Japan. It is also recognized as a national treasure and for all you history buffs out there, this area is said to be where the Heike Clan organized the unification of ancient Japan. Miyoshi City will definitely be worth the trip not only for this bridge but also for its other popular sights.

Miyoshi City Sightseeing Guide  http://miyoshicity-kankokyokai.or.jp/nature/iyanokazurabashi

10. Umenokitodoro Park’s Suspension Bridge (Kumamoto, Yasushiro)

STA3816/Wikimedia Commons

This suspension bridge was built in 1998 for the purpose of getting around Umenokitodoro Falls. It is 116m long and 55m tall. This suspension bridge does not use any of the conventional supporting ropes or beams but is still able to serve its function as a walkway due to the latest architectural technology. Walk right to the middle of the bridge and take a look at the gorge below not only for its great view but also for an adrenaline rush.

Yashiro Guide  http://www.city.yatsushiro.kumamoto.jp/ar/article_view.phtml?id=10703

We believe that these suspension bridges will give you more thrill than any rollercoaster rides out there. If you ever have a change to visit those areas, be sure to include these bridges into your itinerary.

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