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1) Roller Coaster-Hanayashiki (Tokyo)

This is the oldest roller coaster in Japan. It’s been in operation since 1953. It’s not really one that will make you scream, but people can enjoy it as it’s got Japanese taste in the course like passing through a hot spring and a typical Japanese room with a typical Japanese guy.

2) Thunder Dolphin- Tokyo Dome City Attractions(Tokyo)

The Thunder Dolphin is one of the undisputed highlights at the LaQua Amusement Park in Tokyo Dome City. It’s about 80m high and the view is breathtaking as it goes through the building and passes through a spokeless Ferris wheel.

3) Hollywood Dream The Ride- Universal Studio Japan(Osaka)

Thought to have cost some US$50 million, this ride is the kind of sleek experience you could only expect from a big park like Universal Studios. Although the ride does not turn upside-down at any point, there are still plenty of thrills to be found here with the highest section of track more than 44 metres (114 feet) in the air, and trains reaching top speeds of 90 kilometres per hour (50mph). More interestingly, the ride uses on-board audio systems which allow the rider to choose their own soundtrack to be thrown about to.

4) Bandit- Yomiuri Land(Tokyo)

Bandit was once the world’s fastest roller coaster. During the ride, people can enjoy the great view of the nature, Especially in spring,the ride passes through the treetops of hundreds of cherry trees. They also offer limited rides such as running backwards Bandit, splashing Bandit and more.

5) Dodonpa- Fiji-Q Highland Amusement Park(Yamanashi)

When it was built in 2001, it was the fastest coaster at one point in the world at 172 kilometres per hour (107 mph). Another thing people are excited to try is the fast acceleration hitting top speed in just 1.8 seconds.

6) Fujiyama- Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park(Yamanashi)

It’s 79 metres tall, 130 km/h and built in 1996. It was once the world’s tallest roller coaster. If you are lucky, you can see Mt.Fuji during a ride.

7) Takabisya- Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park(Yamanashi)

Fuji-Q’s Takabisha fires riders around in short cars rather than one long train, dragging them up a second climb at 90 degrees halfway through the ride before dropping them over a 121-degree steel precipice, making this roller coaster the steepest in the world and a Guinness World Record holder.

8) Steel Dragon 2000- Nagashima Spa Land(Mie)

It was built in 2000, the year of the dragon, the world’s longest coaster.

9) White Cyclone- Nagashima Spa Land(Mie)

This is the most wooden roller coaster in Japan and the third in the world. You can enjoy an amazing view during the ride.

10) Venus GP- Space World(Fukuoka)

The Venus GP is the roller coaster that twists and turns around a huge model of a space ship, making a 360 degree loop in the process.It features both a vertical loop and one of the most twisting, helix-packed tracks in Japan.

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