Japanese railroads have a huge variation in departure melodies!

The railroads in Japan are always accurate and exact. The amazing part about them is not just the punctuality. Each station has its own original melody that plays as a train departs and even though this is a relatively small island country the quality of the chimes are high and the variation abundant.


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1. Mitaka Station (Chuo Line, Tokyo) 

The new melody at Mitaka Station is called  "Medaka's School" 




The popular Japanese nursery rhyme "Medaka's School" is used as the departure melody. In this video, it starts at around 1:00. 


2. Kisarazu Station (Chiba) 

Kisarazu Station's departure melody is "Shoujouji no Tanukibayashi"




It seems like this song was chosen because of the wishes of the citizens of the area because the temple, Shoujouji, is located in Kisarazu.
It starts at around 1:27.


3. Shinbashi Station (JR Yokosuka Line, Tokyo) 

The new departure melodies of Shinbashi Station on the JR Yokosuka Line are "Harukaze" and "Hidamari"



These melodies are somehow calming, aren't they?
They start at 2:20.


4. Takahagi Station (Jouban Line, Ibaraki) 

The new melody at Takahagi Station 



It seems like a pop song, doesn't it? If you hear this in the morning, you might feel a little more excited to go to work. 


5. The melody of every station on the Rinkai Line

Rinkai Line's departure melody as of October 25th, 2013




The amount of variation on just one train line is surprising, isn't it? 


6. Jouban Line (Tokyo to Fukushima) 

Collection of departure melodies of stations along the Jouban Line 




The variation shown in this limited time period is no joke.
It's surprising even within Japan that famous composers wrote songs specifically for this line.


7. Hakone-Yumoto Line (Kanagawa)

"Master Ongen," the departure melody at Hakone-Yumoto




Hakone, which is famous for their onsen, uses different variations on the theme of "Hakone" for their stations.


There are even compilations for train lovers!

Departure Melodies You Can Only Hear on JR East Japan Collection Vol. 1



Departure Melodies You Can Only Hear on JR East Japan Collection Vol. 2




Departure Melodies You Can Only Hear on JR East Japan Collection Vol. 3




Doesn't it seem like you can enjoy your trip just by listening to all the different songs?
When you come to Japan, please pay attention to the music playing in the stations.


The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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