Japanese Fastfood : Tachigui Soba (Noodle Stand)

Recently, "Tachigui Soba" or Noodle stand which is located at the station in Japan is very popular for foreign tourists. What is "Tachigui soba"? We will introduce about it.


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In Japan, there is a fast food called Tachigui Soba – standing-up-eating soba that you can eat in your busy time or when you feel a bit hungry. The shops mainly placed in the train station platform or inside the station

Among the foreign tourists, this Japanese Tachigui Soba – standing-up-eat soba has becoming hot topic and gaining its popularity.

Benzoyl/Wikimedia Commons

Soba is a food made from the buckwheat fruits that processed into the soba flour, mix the flour with hot water and make a long and narrow shape of noodle when it kneaded, boil it and you can enjoy it with the broth.


Tachigui Soba – standing-up-eating Soba is not a food that you eat slowly while sitting, but you need to eat it while standing. The way to order is also unusual, you have to buy the meal coupon on the vending machine and give it to the shop’s staff or you can directly order to the person who make it.

After you order it, the cook will make it for you on the spot. You can enjoy the steaming hot soba in around 3 minutes.

You can enjoy the kakesoba – soba in hot broth only for 400 yen. There are many kinds of toppings for soba such as kakiage – fried vegetables & shrimp, sansai – edible wild plants and ebiten – fried prawns. You can enjoy all these toppings that you like by paying additional charge.

Kakiage Soba - Soba with Fried Vegetables & Shrimp



Sansai Soba - Soba with Edible Wild Plants


Ebiten Soba - Soba with Fried Prawns


After you finished eat the soba, you can put the tray in the counter and say “Gochisousama – Thank you for the meal” or you can give the tray to the staff inside the shop.

In particular the Shinshuu Soba from Nagano Prefecture is the famous one. In the first place, it is been said that the current long and narrow noodle shape was originally from Nagano Prefecture. The Shinshuu Soba has the reputation for its good taste because this soba made from the good quality of buckwheat cultivated with the advantage of Nagano Prefecture’s climate that processed into flour and the usage of a clear clean water.

Tachigui Soba at Nagano Train Station Platform

Komakoma1998/Wikimedia Commons

Tachigui Soba inside Karuizawa Train Station

Why don’t you try to eat this soba when you come to Nagano for a sightseeing tour such as skiing? It’s a perfect food to warm up your body in a cold ski season.

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