Cosmetic Brands that You Can Only Get at Specialty Stores

Japan is well known for having a wide variety of high quality cosmetic products. Many foreign tourists flock to Japan to get their desired cosmetic product from department stores and drugstores and each one has its own attractive feature to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.



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The whole world knows that Japan makes the best cosmetic products. So much so that there are many tourists that would come here to buy them in bulk to bring home. 

Many would flock to drugstores or department stores to get their favorite line.

But apart from those that you can find at drugstores or department stores, there are some that you can only get from certain specialty stores. 

And this article will introduce the best of the best of such cosmetic brands.



1. Shiseido's Benefique

Benefique offers a wide range of cosmetic products carefully made with ginseng extract and other wonderful herbs. This is the brand to get if you want to keep your skin health your whole life. 

If you know your Japanese show biz industry, you would probably know Yuri Ebihara, a famous Japanese model. Aren't you envious of her beautiful skin? It is no secret that she uses Benefique to keep her skin translucent. This product moisturizes your skin and keeps it moist throughout the whole day.

They not only have facial care products but they have wonderful products to keep your hair and body beautiful too.

Their products are priced from JPY 4000 to JPY 6000.  

Shiseido's Benefique official website (Japanese only):

For a list of stores that sell this brand, click on the link below. 





2. Kanebo's Twany

Don't let Twany's packaging fool you cause this brand is all about creating balance from within to give you beautiful and healthy skin. It is made of Japanese herbs and their properties promises to naturally keep your hormones in balance to prevent your skin from breaking out. They have a wide variety of products from their rich toner that also works wonders like an essence, soft and easy-to-use foundations and other makeup products. Each of these wonderful treasures will give your skin a healthy glow.

Their products are ranged from JPY 3000 to JPY 20000. 


Kanebo's Twany official website (Japanese only):

For a list of stores that sell this brand, click on the link below. 


3. Kose's Predia

Rich is the keyword here for this brand. This brand uses about 600 different types of minerals and creates products based on an old European wisdom on how close deep ocean water resembles our blood and amniotic fluid. Their products will give your skin the spa day it needs.  

Many dermatologists would recommend this brand to your skin as a beauty and relaxation option as each single product from this brand is rich in seaweed and sea mud goodness. Even male consumers here are raving about this brand. 

Their products are reasonably priced from JPY 2200 to JPY 12000.  

Kose's Predia official website (Japanese only):

For a list of stores that sell this brand, click on the link below. 



4. Albion's Ignis

Ignis uses natural ingredients full of herbal extracts and aromatherapy oils to keep your skin healthy, beautiful and happy. 

11 different types of herbs are used in making their original products. You'll love how it smells. Use it to keep your skin moist throughout the whole day and smell it to stay relaxed. 

The bottles are super adorable too with its pastel colors.

Their products are priced from JPY 3000 to JPY 20000!


Albion's Ignis official website (Japanese only):

For a list of stores that sell this brand, click on the link below.



Besides the range above, there are other great and effective cosmetic products out there that caters to every need.

With so many choices available in Japan, shopping for the right cosmetic product for your skin's needs would make quite an adventure. 






The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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