Print Your Own Omamori and Send Your Wishes with Creative Omamori Letters at the Post Office

Omamori are traditional Japanese palm-sized amulets that can usually be bought at shrines or temples. Omamori were first used to guard against evil spirits or ward off bad luck, but have now extended to all aspects of life, including people's wishes and protection. It is a must-buy souvenir for many tourists when visiting Japan. The Japan Post has recently launched an omamori that you can design and print yourself. Use this system to print and send your blessings to your friends as souvenirs when you come to Japan!


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Japan Post Omamori Kamoyell

This "omamori kamoyell" campaign was launched by Japan Post to send words of cheer to your friends and family. There are several templates on their website that can be used, or you can upload your own photos to make an original pattern. After printing it out, fold along the dotted lines to make a lovely omamori. You can type or handwrite your blessings or encouraging words on the omamori and put it in an envelope to send to friends and family.

Next, we will teach you how to use this free service to print your own exclusive omamori letter.

This omamori letter service is not always available; it is usually launched only during the New Year period or summer time, so there are many seasonal patterns to use and edit. You can customize the omamori any way you like, as you can print an omamori letter with only images, or you can use the online editor to input text before printing it out.

After agreeing to the terms of use, press the left button to use official materials for making the omamori or the right button to upload your own images to make an original omamori letter.


The first picture above shows you the different types of templates available. You can select the template you prefer, and input your own message.

The second picture above shows how the entire omamori is filled up after adjusting an uploaded image. You can design a unique omamori letter by matching your uploaded image with the background colors and patterns in the menu on the right hand side.

After entering in the text, you can print it out using your own printer, or save the file to print it at a convenience store, or even pay the post office to print and send it out for you.

When printing, select the postcard size (the dimensions of a Japanese postcard are 10*14.8cm) for the perfect size after folding. You can also choose the A4 size to fold a bigger omamori and put it in your room or on your desk as a decoration.

After printing, there will be dotted lines on the paper to indicate where to fold. Just fold along the dotted lines to make a lovely omamori letter!

Although this omamori letter service is only available for a limited time, it is generally launched twice a year (during New Year's and summer), so pay attention to the official news from Japan Post if you want to send a nice omamori letter to your friend!


Omamori Kamoyell Website (summer 2019):


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