A Must for Pokémon Fans! All About Tokyo and Osaka's Pokémon Cafes

Serving adorable themed meals and desserts, the Pokémon Cafes in Tokyo and Osaka are a must-visit spot for Pokémon fans young and old. Now's a great time to visit, because the cafe has some special, limited-edition dishes to celebrate Halloween and the launch of the latest Pokémon Shield and Pokémon Sword games. These cafes are by reservation only, so read on for all you need to know about how to book and visit a Pokémon Cafe while you're in Japan!

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About Japan's Pokémon Cafes

Japan currently has Pokémon Cafes in two locations: Nihonbashi, Tokyo and Shinsaibashi, Osaka. Designed to be enjoyed by fans of all ages, visitors can enjoy adorable Pokémon-themed dishes and a range of exclusive souvenir goods here. Crowd pleasers like pancakes, curries, and parfaits are all available on the menu, some of which come with free gifts. You can even enjoy a coffee with your choice of any of the first 251 Pokémon as latte art!

With a stylish, wood-toned interior design, you won't feel like you're dining in an arcade. Both branches have been designed with the ideal blend of fun touches from the games and an airy, modern feel that everyone can enjoy.

Pokémon Cafe Limited-Edition Menus for 2019

New Pokémon Sword and Shield Starter Menu

To celebrate the release of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield on November 15th, dishes inspired by the three new starter Pokémon will be available from the game's release date on November 15th through to January 17th, 2020. Diners can also take home a free exclusive coaster with each order! Which starter Pokemon will you pick?

Grookey's Creamy Pie Stew (1,848 yen)

Cut open the pie crust with Grookey's stick to discover a piping hot bowl of stew!

Scorbunny's Energy Tomato Meatball Plate (1,848 yen)

If you can eat all the tomato meatballs, you'll be full of fire energy!

Sobble's Blueberry Fruit Sandwich (1,848 yen)

If you pour the lemon sauce over the whipped cream, it might change color, just like Sobble!

Halloween 2019 Menu

If you're in Japan before the new dishes launch, you can also catch the 2019 Halloween menu at Pokémon Cafe until October 31st.

The Halloween menu includes the Pikachu Halloween Plate 2019 (1,706 yen, or 2,894 yen to take the plate home with you) that comes with a dressed-up Pikachu and a pumpkin salad. The Wild Celebi! Illex Forest Genovese Pasta (1,706 yen) comes with a basil flavored pasta with a Celebi design. Finally, the Zorua Halloween Roast Beef Burger (1,705 yen) is very filling thanks to its generous cuts of roast beef. If you can't eat it all, the mischievous Zorua might play a trick on you!

How to Visit the Pokémon Cafe

Both locations of the Pokémon Cafe are very popular and advance reservations are required. Luckily, it's easy to book online up until a month in advance. It's easy to browse the open spots using the online system, and both English and Japanese is supported. Just note that the cafe can book out early, especially on weekends, so it's best to try and plan a week or two ahead if you can.

English and Chinese menus are available in the restaurant, and credit cards are accepted. All the Pokémon Cafes are wheelchair accessible and non-smoking.

Both the Tokyo and Osaka branches of the Pokémon Cafe are situated within Pokémon Center DX stores, which have a huge range of Pokémon items, including exclusives and free gifts. If you love Pokémon, or are shopping for a souvenir for someone who does, stop by a Pokémon Center while you're in Japan!

Pokémon Cafe Tokyo

Pokémon Cafe Osaka

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A Must-Visit for Pokémon Fans!

We hope our introduction to the Pokémon Cafes in Tokyo and Osaka gave you some inspiration for your next trip to Japan!

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