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Mana is a guitarist, a keyboardist, and a music producer. He is the leader of a visual kei band, Malice Mizer, whose activities are currently suspended, and of a sound project produced by himself, Moi dix Mois. His nickname is “Mana-sama”. He loves gothic and lolita fashion. To express his growing love of these fashions, he created a fashion project called Moi-même-Moitié and he works for it as a designer and a producer.

It’s a brand that expresses his world view.

He also sells clothes in men’s sizes, so the brand has a lot of male customers.


Following a classic European gothic fashion from the good old times.

A jacket with shorts is an example of a prince style.

Long coats are part of the gothic style for adults.

alice auaa

In 1993, Yasutaka Funakoshi opened a shop called “Alice in Modern Time” in Kobe. He buys punk, fetish, new wave, and gothic clothes in London and sells them there. He started activities for clothes for artists. In 1996, he made his debut in the Osaka collection. In 1997, he moved his shop to Osaka. The location of the central office is Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-city. He is also known to cooperate with popular bands such as L’Arc-en-Ciel.

This image is almost as if the dress is degenerating.

A gothic style incorporated with a mode taste.

Kiki-Rara Shoten

A gothic brand launched in 2002 by designer KiKi. Corsets and caps are the main products.

Dress by the collaboration with illustrator Ayakashi.

Corset using the image of the feathers of white birds that seem to fly in the sky at any moment.


ALICE and the PIRATES was established in 2004 as a new clothing line. ALICE and the PIRATES is the line that imagined Alice in Wonderland mixed with pirates. Its sister brand, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, has the main colors of pink and sax (light blue). It has also produced a men’s line which takes black and dark blue as its base compared to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.

The cute gothic style is like the second line of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.

The collaboration with the anime “Kuroshitsuji”.

Although it is called gothic brand, the taste differs depending on each brand.
The day will come soon when the Japanese gothic brand will expand overseas.

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