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Rules about Ordering

Though the sushi restaurant staff may use special codewords or terms like “agari” and “murasaki,” it seems that they don’t like customers using them.

If you understand the rules, even your first visit to a restaurant will be stress-free.

Following the rules is a courtesy to the chefs.

An average sushi restaurant table setting

Though it’s refined to eat sushi with your hands, they also prepare chopsticks to eat your side dishes with.

The Rules of When to Place Orders

It’s not that you can’t order what you want when you want it, but there’s also an order to eating deliciously. The standard is light tastes, then strong tastes, then sweet.

What do you start with?

Everyone has their normal order of whether or not they eat the food they like best first or last. However, at sushi restaurants, there are rules about what to eat when to maximize the deliciousness.

Start with light flavors

First eat the white-fleshed and vinegary pieces. This is the inside of your mouth idling.

Next is strong flavors

Next are the strong flavors. Eat the lean meat, shellfish, and fish egg types.

It’s also recommended that you eat boiled materials like eel and mantis shrimp here.

Finally are the sweet flavors

Your final orders should be sweet. Maki rolls are especially seen as a sign that you’re finished, and it might be good to order kanpyou maki or anago maki.

The Proper Way to Eat

At a regular sushi restaurant, eating with your hands is refined! But if you fail, it will fall apart.

First, hold the sushi.

Firstly turn the sushi to the left, and press the entire thing lightly with your thumb and index finger. It is normally bad to let it lay on its side, however, this is the correct way

Dip it in soy sauce

Dip the sushi in soy sauce with the non-rice ingredients down. The rice is already seasoned and if you dip it in the sauce it will fall apart, so this is an important point!


Keep the rice side facing up, and put the whole thing in your mouth! Keeping the fish side down allows you to savor the flavors. If you think about it, this is logical.

Rules on Personal Appearance

Though it’s written as “personal appearance,” it’s not about clothing. This trifling fashion point is something that may bother those around you.

Perfume is definitely a faux pas!

It’s not that the fishy smell of sushi is enjoyed, but rather the smell of a strong perfume or cologne is prohibited.

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