If you're tired of sightseeing in Tokyo, heal yourself at these spots full of greenery

Trips to Tokyo are fun but the congested trains and the bustle of the city are tiring. Here are some recommended green areas of Tokyo where you can relax.


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1. Meiji Jingu

Even though it's in the center of the city, this huge shrine is covered in a luxurious, thick forest.
It's become a place for relaxation and refreshment.

The entrance to Meiji Jingu. It sits between Harajuku and Shibuya.

If you're lucky, you might be able to see a traditional Japanese wedding. If you want to aim for it, try Sundays or holidays.

Emperor Meiji and Empress Shouken, his consort, are enshrined at Meiji Jingu. 


The lush forest surrounding Meiji Jingu is a planted forest made of 100,000 trees donated from all around the country because of the emperor's enshrinement. It's about 700,000 square meters.


2. Yoyogi Park 

A park adjacent to the woods of Meiji Jingu. Yoyogi Park itself is not that wide but they hold events every weekend which makes walking around fun.

The park's main street.

Kentaro Ohno/Flickr

3. Kokyogaien National Garden

This park is in walking distance of Tokyo Station and is full of greenery. It's the area around the Edo castle site where the emperor lives.
Because you can see that it's a historical landmark, you can rest there while you sightsee!

Ross Fowler/Flickr

It feels nice to run along the banks of the moat of the Imperial Palace.

In the spring, the Kita no Maru Park is a perfect place to see cherry blossoms.

4. Todoroki Keikoku Park 

This place is so green that you'll be surprised that it's in the center of the city.
Even though it's in a residential area, it even has a river streaming through it!
You might feel like you're hiking.

A flourishing bamboo ticket.


You can hike along the riverside.

5.Urban Farm

This is a little different, but it's an office where greenery overflows. This office building is within walking distance of Tokyo Station.
This whole building is made so that vegetables can be grown inside using water and, somehow, natural light. Because of this, the facade of the building is covered with roses in season. This might be the city farm of the future.

You can experience it yourself for free up to the 2nd floor.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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